5 manache ganpati Pune

5 Manache Ganpati Pune Ganesh Chaturthi 2023

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5 Manache Ganpati Pune 2023

5 Manache Ganpati Pune – Most auspicious ganpati in Pune city is known as 5 Manache Ganapati in Pune. During the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, everyone wants to visit these famous 5 Manache Ganpati to get the blessing.

1. Kasaba Ganpati

Kasbapeth Ganpati is First Ganpati out of 5 Manache Ganpati Pune. Kasbapeth Ganpati is one of the oldest temple In Pune City near Shaniwada. The temple was built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj & Jijabai Bhosale in the year 1639. According to the story Lord Ganesha’s idol was found near the house of Vinayak Thakar.  who used to reside very close to the residence of Ma saheb Jijabai Bhosale.

Today the immersion process at the end of the 10th day is led by Shri Kasba peth  Ganpati. Thereafter other mandals can begin their immersion ceremony.

2. Tambdi Jogeshwari – 5 Manache Ganpati Pune

Tambdi Jogeshwari is the temple of Goddess Durga who is regarded and determined as the patron deity of Pune City. The temple was built in 1545 AD. Here the most special thing is that the statue of Lord Ganesha is immersed every year at the end of Ganesotsav and re-established again in the successive year.

The goddess Durga temple was built in the 15th century, and the statue of Goddess Durga is still intact. The Ganesh Idol was established in the temple itself until the year 2000. Since 2000, a separate pandal is put before the temple and the idol is established in a dome made of silver.

3. Guruji Talim -5 Manache Ganpati Pune

5 manache ganpati Pune

Guruji Talim is the 3rd most respected Ganapati in Pune. It was first established in 1887 by two Hindu and Muslim families of Bhiku Shinde and Ustaad Nalban. That’s why Guruji Talim symbolizes Hindu-Muslim unity in Pune.

 In fact This mandal was established way before Lokmanya Tilak started the Sarvajanik Ganesotsav.

Tulshibaug Ganapati – 5 Manache Ganpati Pune

5 manache ganpati Pune

Tulshibaug Ganpati is the 4th respected Ganapati in Pune. It was first established in 1901. this Mandal was the first ever to make a Glass Fiber statue in 1975. The murti is 13 feet tall. And bejeweled with silver ornaments and weighs more than 80 kg.  The artist known as D.S. Khatawkar, had been decorating the statue for years. It is located in the heart and the most crowded part of the city. So it was named by the location and surroundings of Tulsi Baugh. 

Kesariwada Ganapati – 5 Manache Ganpati Pune

5 manache ganpati Pune

Kesariwada Ganapati is the 5th respected Ganapati in Pune. Lokmanya Tilak himself installed this Ganpati in 1894 at Vinchurkar Wada, which was then the ancestral home of the Tilaks. Later on 1905, it was shifted to Gaikwad Wada, presently known as Kesariwada. The Kesari Trust’s Ganesh festival used to be organized Ganesh Utsav every year.

The unique feature of this mandal is that it has two idols wherein one is permanent, and the other is installed new every year.

5 manache ganpati Pune Gallery

Apart from 5 Manache Ganpatin, Dagadu seth Ganpati is the most famous Ganpati not only in Pune as well as famous in Maharashtra also. Many Mitra mandal are also make beautiful mandap during Ganesh Festival

Famous Temple in and around Pune

Pune is a historical city, hence lots of historical places as well as Temple and museums in Pune. Apart from this you can plan one day trip to shrine places near Pune.

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