Bedse Caves

Bedse Caves-Budha Leni 2000 years old Ancient caves 2021 must-read before visiting

Bedse Caves

Bedse Caves

Bedse Caves is one of a group of Buddhist rock-cut caves located in Maval taluka at Pune district in Maharashtra. These caves are quite ancient, their history can be traced back to the Satavahana period in the 1st century BC. Other caves in this area are Karla Caves, Patan Buddha and Bhaja Caves. Bedse Cave is about 22 km from Bhaja Caves.

Bedse Cave Architecture

Bedse Caves

There are 400 steps to reach Bedse Caves. It is an easy climb that leads to the caves. Bedse Cave has two main caves. The best cave is the Chaitya which has a large stupa. In fact, it is a prayer hall – which is Cave No. 7 There is a narrow path leading to this cave.

Bedse Caves

There are four big pillars in the front with pairs of animals on the upper side. The side walls are covered with latticework. The second cave is the monastery or vihara which is Cave 11. This cave was used for living, there are many small rooms in this cave.

Bedse Caves

There is also a small stupa outside to the right of the main caves. And there is also a small cave along with the caves that were maintained regularly till about 1861.

Bedse Caves

Adjacent to the Vihara cave there is another cave and there is also a small pool of water here, not much information has been found about these two caves. The caves facing towards the east, so it is advisable to visit the caves early in the morning, as the beauty of the carvings is enhanced in the sunlight.

Bedse Caves

How to Reach Bedse Caves

Bedse Caves can be reached from Pune via Kamshet. On reaching Kamshet Chowk, take left. The road leads directly to the village of Bedse where the caves are located. Bedse Cave is about 10 km away from Kamshet. It can be reachable through Paud-Tikona via Peth-Pawannagar.

Bedse Caves

Most people do not know about Bedse Caves. People know about nearby Karla Caves and Bhaja Caves but hardly heard about Bedse Caves. That’s why the number of tourists coming here is a lot.

Famous Places Near Bedse Cave

Near the Bedse Caves, the famous tourist places are Lohagarh, Visapur, Tung, and Tikona Forts adjacent to the Pawana Dam. The best time to visit Bedse Caves is during the rainy season as the hills are filled with lush greenery at that time. Along with this, many small waterfalls are also formed which can be enjoyed only during the rainy season.

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