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Bhadra Fort and Bhadra kali temple in 600 years old walled city

Bhadra Fort

The Bhadra Fort has fourteen minarets, eight gates and two large gates making it an intricate fort. It is an architectural marvel. Ahmad Shah 1 had laid its foundation in 1411 and it was completed in 1415.This fort was spread over 43 acres, this impressive fort was used as the royal court.

Bhadra Fort
Bhadra Fort

To enter this grand fort, Ahmed Shah 1 had built a  historic gateway called Teen Darwaja to its eastern side. It was main entrance to come to the large ground in front of this fort, which was called Maidan-Shah. Maidan-Shah This was an open area in which many dates and palm trees were planted.

Bhadra Fort
Bhadra Fort

The path behind the Teen Darwaza lead to Manek Chowk which was a trading center . Where all the business work was done. This magnificent site of Walled city accommodates the royal palace, the beautiful Nagina market, the Maidan-Shah and a royal mosque of Ahmed Shah.

Bhadra Fort

Azam Khan had built a Royal Palace here, which was called Azam Khan’s Sarai, travelers from outside used to stay here. Later on the British used the this palace as a prison and a hospital. The British East India Company installed a clock tower in the fort in 1878 in which a Deepak was used at night, later the British made it 1915 electric. It has offices of Archaeological Survey of India, Post Office and Civil Courts. Bhadra Fort was restored by Ahmedabad Corporation in 2012.

Bhadrakali Temple

The Marathas established a Bhadra Kali temple in this fort. Where Goddess Bhadra gives the appearance of Goddess Kali. It is believed that she is the protector of the famous city. This temple attracts many visitors every day, I have also visited this temple many times. The goddess is seen in a grand form here.

Bhadra Fort
Bhadra Fort

Bhadra Fort Timing

Timing – the opening timing 6:00 am to 9:00 pm

Bhadra Fort entry fees

No entry fees for this religious place.

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