Bhamchandra caves

Bhamchandra Caves Excited Bhamchandra hill trek near Pune in 2021

Bhamchandra Caves

Bhamchandra Caves

Bhamchandra caves -Pune outskirt is full of very beautiful places. A few days back I had gone to see Bhandara Hill, and I was very much impressed. After seeing Bhandara Hill another religious place Bhamchandra caves was also attracting me.  So this morning I decided to visit Bhamchandra caves

Bhamchandra trek

I reached near Bhamchandra Hill at around 10:00 in the morning, I observed a wall around Bhamchandra Hill, as soon as I reached near this hill, there is an arched gate and right side a path goes upwards to Bhamchandra caves. But I went further from this main gate, after half a kilometer I saw a temple and that was another way to go to Bhamchandra Hill.

Bhamchandra Caves

There is a temple of Lord Maruti and there is a way to go to Bhamchandra hill from the side of this temple. I started trekking but after going up a little, I could not find the way because it was mixed due to trees and plants.

Bhamchandra Caves

Now I was trekking with great difficulty and was slowly climbing up the mountain, this trekking was quite dangerous because even with a slight mistake I could fall down the hill, after half an hour of trekking, I reached the top of the hill. Here I took a break of 5 minutes, and I was very thirsty, I had brought a water bottle and some snacks.

Bhamchandra Caves

 I drank water and ate some biscuits, and took some rest.  I was feeling very relaxed.  I started trekking again on some low gradient of the hill.  Thereafter, walking a little distance I was in front of Bhamchandra temple.  It was a very ancient temple, I entered inside the temple, As usually this temple was in a cave and seems very ancient.

Bhamchandra Temple

Inside the temple, I noticed some idols are mounted on the wall, inside it there is another room, The Shivling was there in this room. At this time no one was there inside the temple, I did darshan and I bowed down to God.

Bhamchandra Caves

Thereafter, I took some pictures of the temple. After seeing the Bhamchandra temple, I went a little further, and I saw a tree and some idols are kept under it. Just near to it, some stairs are going upwards on another portion of the hill. The pipes rallying are fitted for side protection along the stairs.

Bhamchandra Bhagirathi kund

Bhamchandra Caves

 I started climbing on these stairs. These are approx 30-40 steps. when I reached the top, there are two mountains meeting each other, and a little water is filled below it. That was the Bhagirathi kund because the was mentioned on this rock, it can imagine when in the rainy season. The water would fall over Bhagirathi kund, then it’s a very beautiful view would have been seen.

Bhamchandra Caves

Next to it, there is another small temple in which the idol of Sant Tukaram Maharaj is made, after visiting this temple. I came down from Bhagirathi kund.

Bhamchandra Caves

I have met two young travelers. I came to know that both of them are always keen on traveling, I was very happy to meet both of them and it was the beginning of a new friendship.

Bhamchandra Caves

Bhamchandra review

Bhamchandra hill is a very beautiful place for trekking lovers.  I liked this place very much.  and you can also enjoy this trek by coming here.

How to reach

Bhamchandra Hill is near Bhamboli village in Chakan MIDC. Personal vehicle or hired taxi is the best option to reach this place. Google Map is given below, from where you can see the navigation.

Bhamchandra caves vlog

Bhamchandra caves images

Address Bhandara Dongar Dehu

Bhamchandra hill near bhamboli –Chakan MIDC.


Timing – It can be visited at any time.

Entry fees

No entry fees for this religious place .

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