Can we travel to Pune now

Can we travel to Pune now? A journey from Ahmedabad to Pune

can we travel to Pune now?

can we travel to Pune now? Yes, it very easy and we can travel to Pune now.  I am sharing my journey detail Ahmedabad to Pune Moving from Ahmedabad to Pune was very important for me because I wanted to shift to Pune. I lived in a rented house in Ahmedabad but I had my own house in Pune and I wanted to shift to Pune as soon as possible. I have a rental house in Ahmedabad it was a monthly loss to me.

At this time, the second wave of COVID-19 was moving very fast across the country. Pune, Mumbai, Delhi & Ahmedabad had the most COVID-19 patients. It seems and the possibility of Lockdown in Ahmedabad at any time. I was thinking that if I got caught in Lockdown then moving to Pune may take another 1 or 2 months. I wanted to go to Pune as soon as possible, so I contacted the people who generally travel for business purposes.  Then I came to know that, I need an RT PCR test report to enter in Maharastra.  If your report is negative, then you can enter the Maharashtra border, or else you will be sent back from the border. can we travel to Pune now continue…

Can we travel to Pune now

In my case I have to travel as well as I have to shift my household material from Ahmedabad to Pune

1. For first task I had planned to shift the household items from the packers and movers.

2 The second task was to do the RT PCR test for me and the whole family. I did online registration for the RT PCR test on Supratech Lab website for each member on the morning of 2nd May 2021. The supratech Lab is an authorized lab in Ahmedabad. Superatech Lab has initiated a drive-thru testing facility means you need not come out from the car, testing will be done in the car itself.

They have a big setup in AMC ground Bodak Dev. I reached there by car, they asked me to put the car in front of a tent testing point. Before taking the testing sample I did the complete payment. They had charges 700 hundred Rs per person for the RT PCR test. can we travel to Pune now continue…

Can we travel to Pune now

I received RT PCR test report on 3rd may 21. The whole family member reports found negative. This report is valid till next 72 hrs for entry in other state.  So we planned quickly to shift to Pune. I had a talk with the movers and packers to move household material on 4th May 21. The entire household goods loaded in the truck by evening and on the same day evening that truck had left for Pune. Packers & Movers confirmed for delivery the home goods to me on the 6th may 21 on the morning.

Can we travel to Pune now

I made my journey by car from Ahmedabad to Pune on 5th May 21 at 6.30 in the morning. we had four people in the car, my wife and two children. It was another long drive for me from Ahmedabad to Pune. I was in Surat around 10:30 in the morning where most of the restaurants on the highway were closed or partially open. Only two-three people were seen inside the restaurant. It was too risky to use a restaurant service.  I had already arranged food before moving to Ahmedabad. So heavy brunch I have done started onward journey.

Around 2:00 pm I was near the Talasari Police Check Post where I had to show the RT PCR report to the police. I showed that report on the Police Check Post on my mobile. The report of all four of us was negative and we wore the mask correctly. So the police gave us permission to go ahead. Now I had no doubt that I would be able to reach Pune or not. This was one of the biggest problems that I had crossed. After that, I reached Pune in the evening by 5:00 pm.  

The second biggest problem my household goods which to be delivered by packers and movers on 6th may. I got a call on 5th may from Packers & Movers that the truck for the home goods had arrived in Pune. They will do delivery of goods on 6thm morning.

The shifting from Ahmedabad to Pune was a big headache for me and resolved successfully. It was a great journey, now I am happy in my home. Friends, if you want to ask anything more then please write in the comment, I will answer your query.

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