Chakan Fort

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Chakan Fort

Chakan fort is also called Sangram Durg. Chakan fort is 30 kilometers away from Pune.  It is a Bhuikot fort located in Chakan, Nowadays, this fort has been completely destroyed.

Chakan Fort

There are only a few walls left, A road is passing between the fort, which divides the fort into two parts. There is a temple and an adjacent mosque in the vicinity of this fort, and there is a small cannon kept in front of the temple. This fort is famous and known for the battle of Chakan.

History of Chakan Fort

The chakan fort name is Sangramdurg. It was spread around 65 acres now this fort remains in just 5.5 acres. Earlier Chakan fort comes under the Bahmani sultanate of Ahmadnagar. In 1595 this fort was given to Shivaji grandfather Maloji Bhosle by Bhadur shah of Ahmadnagar. In 1648 Firangoji Narsala appointed killedar of this fort and it was the part of Maratha empire.

Chakan Fort

Battle of Chakan

The Battle of Chakan was fought between the Maratha Empire and the Mughal Empire in 1660. The battle was actually fought between the Mughal General Shaista Khan and the fortified Firangoji Narsala.  Shaista Khan came to rule the Deccan on behalf of Aurangzeb. The Aurangzeb had got Deccan from Adil Shahi according to a treaty.   Shaista Khan made Chakan fort his first target before invading Pune.

Chakan Fort

Shaista Khan laid siege to this fort with 20000 troops on 23rd June 1660. At that time, there were only 800 Maratha soldiers inside the fort. Shaista Khan was overconfident and thought he will win the fort very quickly as the Maratha soldiers were very few in numbers, but it did not happen.

Chakan Fort

The Maratha soldiers defending with the Mughals for approx. 2 months. 3000 to 5000 Mughal soldiers were killed in the battle of Chakan and around 500 Maratha soldiers were killed on the other side.

Chakan Fort

Two months later, the Mughals blew up the tower of this fort and rushed into the fort. The Maratha soldiers had no choice rather than to surrender.  

Chakan Fort

After the battle of Chakan , Mughal general Shaista Khan praised the bravery of Firangoji Narsala and Asked to join Mughal infantry but Firangoji Narsala turned down his offer. By seeing Firangoji Narsala’s loyalty  Shaista Khan set him free. Shivaji Maharaj was very pleased with his bravery and made him the commander of Bhupalgad fort.

Chakan Fort

Fort images

Pune has only two bhuikot fort. Chakan Fort and Induri Fort near to chakan

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Frequently ask question?

Where is Chakan fort?

Chakan Fort is located at Chakan near Pune in Maharashtra. The last Maratha-British war was fought in this fort.

What type of fort is Chakan?

Chakan fort is bhuikot fort

Who defend the Chakan fort for 2 months?

Firangoji Narsala was a Maratha warrior and military leader and killedar in the army of Shivaji

What is Chakan famous for?

One of the oldest and famous fort in Pune and known for the Battle of Chakan

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2 years ago

its our history and few evidence still available.

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This fort has only some evidence. This fort has been ruined.

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