chaurai devi temple

Chaurai Devi Temple near Somatane Phata Must Know before visiting an amazing temple in 2021

Chaurai Devi Temple

Chaurai Devi Temple in spite of its religious place it is a charming and lush greenery hill.  The Chaurai Devi temple is a local Devi Mandir situated on a Chaurai Devi Hills near Somatane Phata. The Chaurai Devi Temple is small, but the architecture of the temple is very beautiful.

chaurai devi temple

It is situated on the edge of the hill. The Chaurai Devi Mata idle is engraved on the hill in the temple. One golden color Tortoise is in the middle of the temple.  Apart from that, the trekking to reach Chaurai Devi Temple is awesome.

Chaurai Devi Mandir Hill Trekking

chaurai devi temple

I was there at 9.00 am in front of Chaurai Devi Hill entry gate. Because of the rain, I could not start trekking. I had to wait till the rain stopped completely.  The steel-made arched gate for an entry to Chaurai  Devi hill and information board was there. This is the start point for Chaurai Devi temple hill trek.

chaurai devi temple

This trek was very easy and most of the time its plan. The journey through this trek was awesome. Plenty of trees on both sides of the trek and feels like walking in the forest. Sometimes it’s a narrow and small valley on both sides of the trek.

chaurai devi temple

Almost 20-30 min trek, one more steel gate is there, and the wooden benches are kept for visitors. The Chaurai Devi Mandir view can be seen from here. Just walk to 100 meters, one more decorated gate is there. The two peacocks were made on the gate and one Bell is hanging similar to the first and second gate.

chaurai devi temple

From Here a few stairs go to a small temple and another path to the main Chaurai Devi Mandir.  The Chaurai Devi Mandir structure stands on pillars with a grill.

chaurai devi temple

The om is mounted on the grill and many small bells hanging around the Om. Inside the temple, positive vibes give more calmness and relaxation. The Pune – Mumbai expressway, nice view that can be captured from the temple.

chaurai devi temple

Trekking lovers can go up to the highest point of the hill can take another 20-30 minutes. The Chaurai Devi temple, a religious journey with marvelous nature, is a very good experience.

How To Reach

Chaurai Devi Temple is 30 km from Pune.  It is 1 km from Somatne Phata to reach Jai Devi Temple close to the Somatane Fata and after 900 takes the left turn just a hundred meters away behind the Emerald Resort there is the entry gate to the Chaurai Devi Temple hill.

Near around places

Before somatane phata there is Ghoradeshwar hill famous for the Ancient Shiva temple and Buddha caves. The Ganpati statue can be visited near somatane phata

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