हवा महल Hawa Mahal in jaipur

Hawa Mahal in Jaipur – Palace of Winds, a unique mahal, History reviews and timing

Hawa Mahal in Jaipur Means ‘Palace of Winds’

Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal in Jaipur is an iconic architecture that is situated near Badi choppad in the pink city of Jaipur city. This iconic palace is very famous for its honeycomb architecture. The specialty of this architecture is that it allows the cool air to pass through the palace, so that the temperature of this palace in summer feel cool

hawa mahal in jaipur
hawa mahal in jaipur

Hawa Mahal History

Hawa Mahal was built in the year 1799 by Kachhwaha Rajput Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh, who was the grandson of Sawai Man Singh. This architecture was inspired by Maharaj Pratap Singh from Jhunjhunu’s Khetri Mahal. Its architect was Lalchand Ustad, under whose supervision Hawa Mahal was built . The  Hawa Mahal was built by Maharaja Pratap Singh in accordance with the crown of his favored god Shri Krishna.

hawa mahal in jaipur
hawa mahal in jaipur

Hawa Mahal Architecture

The main gate of Hawa Mahal is known as Anandapoli and the second gate is known as Chandrapoli. In its inner square is a small sqaure pond with fountains. On its right side the Maharaja’s private room Pratap Mandir and on the left side is the dining room.

hawa mahal in jaipur
hawa mahal in jaipur

This 87 feet high five-storey building is built in the shape of a pyramid, there are big and small 365 windows, this palace is two-storeyed on three sides and five-storeyed on the fourth side. The first two floors are called Sharad Mandir Ratan Mandir. On the top three floors Vichitra  mandir, Prakash Mandir and Hawa Mandir.

hawa mahal in jaipur
hawa mahal in jaipur

The width of top two Prakash Mandir and Hawa Mandir is equal to one room. There are no stairs to reach upto the top floor of the building. It is connected by slopes.

Hawa Mahal Usage

There was a passage from Hawa Mahal to the City Palace from where the women of the Raj family used to come to Hawa Mahal. The women of the royal family used to see the daily views of the market and the ride of Teej Gangaur,

hawa mahal in jaipur
hawa mahal in jaipur

so that the women of the Raj family would go to see the festival without showing themselves. The fourth and fifth floors of this palace give a very beautiful view of the City Palace, Nahargarh and Jaigarh Fort.


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