Jagtap Waterfall Khandi A Safe Waterfall For Family Must Visit In 2022

Jagtap Waterfall

Jagtap Waterfall

Jagtap Waterfall is a private waterfall near Pune, It is just a distance of about 57 kilometers from Pune. Nowadays, it is a very popular waterfall near Mau village. Jagtap Waterfall is a must-visit waterfall during the monsoon. This Waterfall is a very good place for one day trip. Jagtap waterfall is a safe waterfall, Children and women can enjoy it here and create a waterfall memory.

Jagtap Waterfall

It was not a planned trip. I get up in the early morning and the day was very pleasant and almost no rain. Suddenly I have decided to visit some waterfall in Khandi. I reached Jagtap Waterfall at 10.00 o’clock in the morning.

Jagtap Waterfall

The journey was superb from Kanhe phata to Mau village. Before Takawe village indrayni river view was amazing. Capture few scenes then move to Jagtap waterfall. After crossing Takawe I reached Falne village. Here water body and windmills are visible.

About Jagtap Waterfall

Jagtap Waterfall

The Jagtap Waterfall seems like a small resort or one-day picnic spot. This is structured in 5 levels. The main waterfall has an artificial small round pond. This is the big attraction of Jagtap Waterfall. The pond depth is up to knee level. People can go inside and enjoy the waterfall.

Jagtap Waterfall

During heavy rain, this portion is locked and people are not allowed to this level because of safety. Now below this there are several downward steps from this level. The water flows from the stairs and it looks like a Bhusi Dam view.  Most of the people sit there and enjoy themselves.

Jagtap Waterfall

Below this, there is big pond. When I visited then, it was completely empty. Adjacent to this one lawn having some umbrellas and chairs for visitors.

Jagtap Waterfall

Moving ahead, the waterfall water is diverted from many channels, and it looks beautiful. People can take bath here also.

Jagtap Waterfall

The next level has a very nice bridge, the whole waterfall view can be captured from this point.

Jagtap Waterfall

Jagtap waterfall Entry ticket

The waterfall Entry ticket is 200 rs per person. With this ticket, you can enjoy the waterfall and resort facilities. Apart from this some packages are also available which include meals.

This is a very good place for spending 2- 3 hrs along with family. In true sense, it is a family picnic spot. Other hidden scenic beauty can be explored ahead of Jagtap waterfall.

Changing rooms and toilet facilities are also available there.

How to reach

On the Old Mumbai-Pune highway after wadgaon shiri there is Kanhe Phata, For Jagtap Waterfall, At Kahne Phata took a right turn to Takawe village or Takwe indutrial area. Jagtap waterfall is approx. 14 km from Kanhe phata.

Jatap Waterfall Vlog

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