Jetha Bhai ni Haveli

Jethabhai ni haveli – 150 years old Haveli in Ahmedabad

Jethabhai ni haveli

The Jethabhai ni haveli, it is not just a Haveli its belongs to a culture. Ahmedabad is a heritage city because of old heritage monuments as well as for its Pols. The word Pols was new to me when I have started and exploring Ahmedabad’s heritage city.  The Pols actually are the places or areas where the same community of people is residing. Almost all the houses in the pol having wooden architecture design in the front which makes them unique. Now I am just describing one of the famous Haveli, Jethabhai ni haveli situated in Dhobini pole Khadia haveli no 1765.

Jethabhai ni haveli

This Haveli belongs to Diwan of Baroda about 280 year ago. Infect, it is from Mughal time. Then it was purchased by Jetha Bhai sheth.  Jethabhai was born in the year 1781. Successfully running the silk trading business brought prosperity and that’s when the Haveli was bought.

And now, Decedents of Jethabhai are still living here in this beautiful Jethabhai ni haveli in Dhobini pol. The owner of this Haveli is Mr. Deepak Bhai Patel has a Vaarso foundation and toy museum also. Currently, this is under renovation, and it will be open soon.  For visiting, there will not be any charges and free of cost to the public.

The main entrance of the Haveli is awesome. The beautifully designed wooden carved architecture at the entrance is very nice. Even though inside the Haveli the wooden door of every room having the same design.

Jethabhai ni haveli

This Haveli is a wonderful example of structural engineering. The roof load is evenly distributed on the wooden pillar. The walls had made of soil. The wall’s width is approximately 2.5 feet to 3.5 feet. These are in two parts and having a gap of 9 inches in between to reduce inside temperature. Because of this design “thickness of walls in two-part” this haveli has 5-6 degrees less temperature than the outside temperature.

Jethabhai ni haveli

A lot of movie shooting has been done here like made in China and some Gujarati serials. The color combination inside Haveli is very beautiful. It required maintenance, cost more than 1 lakh rs a year. Interested people can visit jetha bhai ni heveli and pols in Ahmedabad.

Jethabhai jivanlal nagji agar mulji  – Born: 1781 Died: 1871

Jetha Bhai ni Haveli Vog

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