kalu waterfall trek

Kalu Waterfall Trek A Gods Valley In Malshej Ghat Heaven on the earth

Kalu Waterfall Trek A Gods Valley

Kalu waterfall trek

Kalu Waterfall Trek A Gods Valley – An amazing waterfall in Malshej Ghat As well as Kalu waterfall trek one of the most scenic trek in maharastra. Its must visit waterfall. The Kalu waterfall is easy during normal rainfall But it is most difficult trek during heavy rainfall . We left to visit Kalu waterfall known as God’s Valley in Malshej Ghat which is very famous among trekkers to visit in rainy reasons. Kalu waterfall trek is a bit easy but it’s dangerous after crossing the Kalu River. The Kalu waterfall trek seems to be a journey like heaven on earth.

We left Pune at 6:30 in the morning, and after crossing the Moshi toll naka we reached Chakan at 7.30.

Kalu waterfall trek

After crossing Khed, on Nasik highway, we turned towards Narayangaon. There are two ways to Reach Malsej ghat from Narayangaon, one goes through Junnar, another one goes through Ozhar followed by Otur leading to Malsej ghat.

Kalu waterfall trek

We took a break, 15 km to Malsej ghat at Hotel Pansare Mama where we had Vadapav and Misal for breakfast. After leaving the hotel, we proceeded towards Malshej Ghat.

Kalu waterfall trek

Malshej Ghat

The road to Mansej ghat is one of the best ways to undergo into a valley that you can ever see. The rough and tumbly built road makes the experience adventurous, although quite a lot difficult, gorgeous view full of an exotic show of flora and fauna of the valley can blow anyone’s mind. There are dozens of small beautiful waterfalls on the road to encounter, they look even more alluring when the entire atmosphere is covered in fog. There are specially built scenic points from where you can capture the beauty of the valley in its entirety, where you can click lifelong memories of wanderlust moments and enjoy hot tea natives sell in these locations.

Kalu Waterfall Trek

Kalu waterfall trek

Proceeding towards Kalu waterfall Trek start point where you go down further in Malshej Ghat. you get Mind blown by its absolute beauty. While driving down on Malsej ghat, you see a gate beside an old home that leads to a village called Tithavi on kalyan – Ahmadnagar road, which is a 2 km drive from this point, the place is the base village for Kalu waterfall.

The Kalu waterfall trek point starts near Tithabi forest resorts. start of the trek 150-200 meters there is a water stream. The water is so clean you can witness the bottom of the stream.

Kalu waterfall trek

The Kalu Waterfall trek route is filled with little water streams and beautiful landscapes. moving ahead you will find yourself in a big ground. 360-degree view of Malshej ghat give energy to walk further. There is a small shop for food and water, where you require cash to buy everything

Kalu waterfall trek

You need to cross a heavy stream of water to proceed further towards the waterfall, there’s a zip line service that takes you from one end to another of that stream which costs 100 RS.

Kalu waterfall trek

You need to cover almost 1 km more, path filled with tall trees and big slippery rocks to reach absolutely near the waterfall, the flow of water is really really high which makes it quite difficult for most people to reach.

Kalu waterfall trek

The Kalu waterfall trek is very dangerous in heavy rainfall It needs some experience because many times need to cross the water stream. The pressure is almost very high even if no rainfall. At the end the waterfall view is so amazing seems like a God’s Vally.

Kalu waterfall trek

Kalu Waterfall Gods Vally Images

Kalu Waterfall Vlog

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