Kund Mala

Kund Mala A Romantic place in the monsoon near Pune & Kund Mala Temple

Kund Mala

Kund Mala is 30 KM away from Pune, I was exploring some untouch places around Pune Suddenly I came to know about this place, and the next day I was ready in the morning to visit this place. I reached there at 7.30 am and a big surprise to me that lot of people were already there. They came in form of couples, families, and in a group. This is a very much popular place for cyclists. A group of cyclists can be seen here.

Kund Mala

The place is beautifully steeped in the river landscape. Nowadays, this place is becoming very popular and many people come here in the morning for relaxation. No doubt it’s a small sort of picnic spot on the Indrayani River.

Kund Mala waterfall

Kund Mala waterfall

A small dam is built on the Indrayani River, in the rainy season, when a lot of water comes into the Indrayani River, the water overflows on the dam, and it looks very beautiful in rainy seasons. So on the other side, it holds the water, after the water has fallen from this small dam and flows between the rocks so many potholes have been formed here, which look like the pothole of Nighoje. 

Kund Mala

It’s a scenic view of about 300 to 400 meters. The water has cut the rock and water flows through the pothole. The Indrayani River is up to 20 feet deep on one side of the dam, while there is a paved part of the river which is 5 feet deep, where people can swim.

Kund Mala

Kund mala Temple

Kund Mala Temple

In front of the dam, there is a famous temple in the middle of the river, which is known as Kundrai Mata temple, In fact, this is Kuldevi for locals and near about villagers.  The thing is that this place is a religious place and people coming here has to offer some flower to Kund Mala kuldevi. 

Kund Mala temple

The person visiting this place must visit Kund Mala temple and take the blessings of the Devi Maa. On the other side of the temple, there is a Shivling which is quite ancient. It is an act of virtue to offer water to Shiva lingam.

Kund Mala Bridge

Kund Mala

There is a bridge in front of the temple, on which two-wheelers or a single person can cross it. It’s a very old bridge and seems scary. This bride enhances the beauty of this location. It looks awesome and shows both sides of the scenic beauty of the Indrayani river.

Kund mala bridge
Kund Mala

Kund Mala Talegaon Dabhade

I liked this place very much, if you want to spend some time in the morning for 2 hours then this is a very good place. I have also seen many cyclists coming here to take a break and capture some magnificent views of the Indrayani River.  Friends this was my experience of Kund Mala. If you have already visited this place or planning to visit, please comment here. Apart from this, you can recommend new places so that I can capture those places.

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Kundmala Vlog

Kund Mala Images

How to Reach

To reach Kund Mala either by old Mumbai Pune highway and just before Ghoradeshwar take a right turn to Begdewadi railway station.  It is hardly 1 km from there. Or can be reached by Talegaon dabhade – Chakan road and approx. 4 km drive from Induri fort in the rustic landscape


Talegaon Dabhade R, Maharashtra 410506


Timing – It can be visited any time, but preferable timing is in the morning or in the evening

Entry fees

No entry fees for this religious place or riverside view

Navigation – Get Direction

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3 years ago

Nice place

Mam chand
Mam chand
3 years ago

Beautiful Place

Vijay chauhan
Vijay chauhan
3 years ago
Reply to  Mam chand

I think this is very good place to spend some time in the morning


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