kushalgarh fort

Kushalgarh Fort Alwar Karan Arjun film shooting location

Kushalgarh Fort Alwar

kushalgarh fort

Kushalgarh Fort Alwar – Forts always attract me, whether it is big or small doesn’t matter. Today I came here to see one ruin, Kushalgarh fort in Alwar district of Rajasthan. Kushalgarh is very famous for its kachori and milk cake. Here the taste of kachori is awesome, and it is served along with kadhi. Apart from this, this area is very famous for Milk cake also, Before going to see this fort.

kushalgarh fort

There is Kanhaiya restaurant in Kushalgarh main chowk famous for kachori and milk cake The Kushalgarh fort is hardly one kilometer from this chowk.  I have taken breakfast of kachori and milk cake.

kushalgarh fort

After breakfast, I moved to Kushalgarh Fort which is situated on a small hill at approx. 1 km distance from this point. The fort of Kushalgarh is very small, when I heard about it, I have searched on the internet and started exploring Kushalgarh fort. I got very little information about it.

kushalgarh fort

This fort was built during the time of the Mughal period, later the British made this fort a prison. If we see the structure of the fort, then it looks somewhat similar to a jail, now this fort is completely deserted and almost in ruined condition. The fort wall is broken down, a lot of tree plants grow inside it as well as outside the fort.

kushalgarh fort

There is a step to go to the first floor inside this fort, which has been broken just detach from wall at one side, inside this fort, a path from the lower rooms goes to the first floor rooms,

kushalgarh fort

In this fort, a scene of Karan Arjun movie shoot where the villain of the film stands on the fort and tells the other villain for making a plan to kill Karan Arjun. This fort is almost over now and there is an end heritage of history, so if you are interested in this fort and If you want to see it then please watch the full video about this fort on Travfoodie Youtube channel. You can subscribe our Travfoodie channel for supporting us.

Kushalgarh for Alwar images

Kushalgarh Fort alwar

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