Malhargad fort

Malhargad Fort Pune History, Attraction Information Timing Images of ruin fort & Review 2021

Malhargad Fort

Malhargad fort

Malhargard Fort is a hill fort that is 30 km away from Pune near Saswad. There is a Sonori village at the base of this fort, hence it is also known as Sonori fort. This fort is named after Lord Shiva. This fort was made to keep an eye on the Western Ghats. Malhargad fort was the last fort in Maharashtra built during Maratha Empire.

Malhargad History

This fort was built from 1757 to 1760, this fort was built by Bhimrao Yashwant and Peshwa Sardar Krishna Ji Madhavrao Panse, who were the chief of artillery of the Maratha Empire.

Malhargad fort

Still some of its walls are included in this almost ruin fort. Inside this fort, there is a temple of Lord Khandoba and Lord Mahadev.

Malhargad Fort structure

This fort was built on a triangle-shaped plateau on top of a hill, the wall of this fort very thick and made of stone. Its main door is towards Sonori village.  Inside this fort, there is a square-shaped fort. There is Maha Darwaza to enter this. From this fort, one can see Saswad and the Western Ghats on the other side.

Malhargad fort

I had reached the parking of Malhargad fort at 10:00 am, from here small steps had been made to go to the fort, These are made by cutting the soil of the hill, after climbing 30-40 steps, a turret can be seen.  From where there is a small gate in the turret to enter this fort.  After entering this fort, there is a mesmerizing view of Saswad from this turret can be seen.

Malhargad fort

I took some photos from this turret and move further inside the fort, along with the wall of the turret. Ongoing forward, a small pool of water can be seen. It was filled with a little rainwater. Now I started moving forward from this point. There is another turret at the end of the backside of this fort.

Malhargad fort

The upper part of the turret is almost broken, before coming to this turret, some step goes towards the bottom of this turret, where it leads to the main door of this fort.

Malhargad fort

From here, I started going back inside the fort to the other side, going a little further, there is a Maha Darwaza to enter this square part of the fort. After entering, there are two main temples.  One of Lord Malhar i.e. the temple of Lord Shiva and the other of Khandoba God.

Malhargad fort

A little ahead of the Khandoba temple, there are many broken walls of the structure. It seems that there was a palace over a period of time. The inner part of the fort is almost broken.

Malhargad fort

There is a flag waving in front of this fort on a small plateau, which is a major attraction for trekkers, now after coming out of the fort, I decided to reach the flag. From this point, there is an awesome view in all directions, and the view of the path to reach the fort is superb.

Malhargad fort

 Visitors can click many photos and selfy to generate awesome memory of this fort. This fort is small and very beautiful, being a small fort, you can watch this fort within 1 or 1.5 hours

Malhargad fort

How to reach

Malhargad fort

To reach this fort, one has to go on Pune Saswad road through Dive Ghat, the distance of this fort from Dive Ghat is around 8 kilometers. Just one kilometer from Vitthal Statue there is a diversion to Kalewadi.

Malhargad fort

Take a left turn after 1 kilometer towards Malhargarh Fort, this road leads to Malhargad Fort, on this road you will get very beautiful views and there are gardens on both sides of the road.

Malhargad fort

Before going to Vitthal Statue at Dive Ghat, you will get to see a very spectacular view of Mastani Lake, here you can do photography and capture the view of Mastani Lake.

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Malhargad fort images


Timing – Malhargad Fort can be visited at any time.

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Vehicle entry fees – 20 Rs

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Mam chand
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This fort situated very beautiful location. Thanks for this information it’s help for my journey.

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