Tamhini ghat waterfall

Tamhini Ghat Waterfall Famous Places To visit in Tamhini ghat

Tamhini Ghat Waterfall

Tamhini Ghat Waterfall – After deciding a lot the day before our trip and searching the weather online, we found out that there is a red 🔴 alert in Pune, especially in Tamhini Ghat Mahad and Maval and one should not step out but at the end.

tamhini ghat

After deciding an hour, so when we felt that the rain is a bit on the lighter side we had our breakfast and packed a little stuff for the journey to capture Tamhini ghat waterfall, Mulshi dam backwater scenic view, and drive on Tamhini ghat road.

I was excited to capture some known Palase waterfall, Tamhini ghat waterfall, Tamhini village, Plus velly and Kundalika valley.

tamhini ghat

We left at around 9 am, and it was constantly raining after around 30 minutes of city traffic we crossed Hinjewadi phase 3 where the greenery started. Now just reached Pirangut then take a right turn towards Paund. The Road up and down can be felt. Just crossing Paud, we are moving towards Mulshi.

tamhini ghat waterfall

The first view of the road was so magnificent that I felt that I should stop the car immediately and take a few pictures over there, there was mountain and greenery everywhere after driving for half an hour the landscape changed completely where we see small villages, a few resorts in the heart of the lush greenery

tamhini ghat waterfall

I was so flabbergasted by the view that I can’t control myself and again stop the car and took a few pictures.  The rainfall was constantly changing sometimes it’s slow sometimes fast but something that kept me happy was the view.

Tamhini ghat

At this point, I can see a few Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls in the mountains one side of Tamhini ghat road and the backwater of Mulshi Dam on the other side, and then after driving for just a few minutes I reached the Palase waterfall Point.

Palase Waterfall

tamhini ghat waterfall

At Palase first  I had tea on a roadside small Tea stall. I must say that the tea and maggie was very delicious over there One can also have vada pav and bhutta over there.

tamhini ghat waterfall

From there we start walking towards the first waterfall of Palase.  it was very beautiful and a decent number of people was there, I could feel the small water droplets coming from the huge water stream of Palase waterfall.

tamhini ghat waterfall

The pressure of water was so much that it took me a minute to gather enough courage to cross that stream and go to the other side of the waterfall but once I stepped in, it felt quite nice I stepped in the waterfall the pressure was quite high, I took a lot of pictures. I explored two other hidden waterfalls above the palace waterfall. For a hidden waterfall, click here, Palase waterfall and hidden waterfall.

After covering all three waterfalls I started my journey to the Tamhini village, the rain was at its peak and so was our excitement to see more waterfalls.

Tamhini Village

Around 6-7 km we found a good spot which I felt is picture-perfect and get a full view of the Mulshi Dam Backwater, I got some pictures clicked, after 5,6 km I reached Tamhini village from where the name Tamhini Ghat came.

tamhini village

 I visited vijhai mata mandir, it was closed but still was very good and there was a stream of water flowing from the back of it, I stood there for a while as there were very less people and the view was very soothing.

tamhini village

After spending some time in the calmness of the Tahmini village I started my journey exploring more waterfalls. Again the rainfall was high.

tamhini village

After a few more kilometers I found a waterfall that was just near the road with less crowd and I visited it the water was very clear as compared to palase waterfall due to the single stream and I enjoyed the clear water.

tamhini village

Plus Velly

I was observing many more waterfalls on Tamhini ghat road.  I reached the Plus valley and enjoyed the many more waterfalls in Tamhini Ghat. The plus valley always attracts trekkers for a night camping in the pleasant season.  Infect, I had planned to drive till the end of Tamhini ghat at Kolad.

Kundalika Velly

Unfortunately, there is huge fog and rainfall, and unable to drive the vehicle safely.  Due to the huge fog, we decided to go back. As I know from Nive village one road goes to Kundalika valley a spot near to Andharban trek start point and further goes to Lonavala. I visited Kundallika valley and capture the most amazing valley view near Pune.

Tamhini ghat

The weather condition was still bad so decide to back to Pune with a lot of unforgettable memory.

Tamhini ghat

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Tamhini Ghat Vlog

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