Tikona Fort

Tikona Fort Attraction Review Information & Images 2021 Must read before visiting

Tikona Fort

Have you ever felt like you are trapped in a continuous loop for days doing the same thing? That’s what I feel since the new normal began !!

Gratefully, I broke it today by traveling to places I was keen to since I shifted to Pune. Tikona Fort was the one on the list today.

Tikona Fort

Tikona Fort Journey

Me waking up early morning is considered sun rising from West but it isn’t an ordinary day too, I packed my bag with necessary stuff required for trekking as it is monsoon going on I took a raincoat and a pair of extra clothes with me in case I need it.

Tikona Fort

Here I was ready to leave my home around 7:30 am for an hour-long road trip from Pimpri to Tikona Fort which is about 50 km. As I was leaving the city behind me, the wind and the air gave me the vibes of invitation to a new phase of life, feeling light and satisfactory.

Tikona Fort

Cruising my bike on old Mumbai-Pune expressway through the mountains it was just perfect. Finally, after an hour of zigzag roads through villages, we reached Tikona Fort parking.

The parking place is private and owned by villagers, so it’s got a ticket which is 20rs for two-wheelers. After we parked our bike and stretched our legs after this long ride, here we were on the foothills of Tikona ready for a   high Trek ahead.

Tikona Fort Trekking

Tikona Fort

The starting of our trek was easy-peasy until we got to rough stairs which we a little inclined and took both more energy and care to climb, going through all this we reached halfway through the fort and first door of the fort arrived but to our shock, it was locked !!

Tikona Fort

Asking the people who came by us and some village Trekkers already been there told us it’s locked because of a pandemic. Still, some villagers passed by the side rough trek which was more difficult, we followed them and continued our journey.

Tikona Fort

The top of the fort was now visible, the view was just breathing taking and lively, the feeling of being exhausted but still having the energy to do it all again just for this view was a special one.

Tikona Fort

We reached the second and the main gate, but now it’s completely locked and impossible to climb through the other side. Standing there sightseeing the environment and the surroundings were just blissful,

Tikona Fort

the fast running but cold and pure breeze were making us feel like we’re in a natural Air conditioning zone even though till now the sun was up but it’s effects were minimized.

Tikona Fort
Tikona Fort

The sun and the mountains together make a scene of beauty that’s mesmerizing so much that you don’t wanna leave the place anytime soon nevertheless we all know all trips have an end so did this one.

Tikona Fort

Yeah we didn’t see the fort fully due to the pandemic but still, our efforts were not wasted at all, the experience and the sight from the top cannot be put in words.

Tikona Fort

Some tracking lovers spotted on this trek

Tikona Fort
Tikona fort

We came down after spending a hefty time up there, yes we will come again to complete this trek again, but this experience isn’t wasted too.

Tikona Fort

I would tell you to visit it once restrictions are over and the fort is completely open. We were unaware but you should not repeat our mistake.

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Tikona Fort Vlog

Tikona Fort images


Timing – Tikona fort can be visited any time

Entry fees

Vehicle entry fees – 20 Rs By private people

Navigation – Get Direction

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Nice trek

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