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Toilet cafe Ahmedabad Weird restaurant and toilet-themed cafe in India

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Weird restaurant

The concept of weird restaurant toilet café in india is no where exist but you can visit noncommercial toilet café at safai vidayalya in Ahmedabad. This toilet café is operated by NGO.  The safai vidayaya having toilet garden where many types of sanitization system can be explored with the model. The Adjacent to this there is toilet café.

The toilet café is noncommercial café in india. The concept seems weird as the meal served on the table and you are going to use chairs are actual toilets (not operable) toilet seat.  But if you want to take full experience of weird restaurant or toilet themed restaurant then you can visit modern toilet restaurant in Taiwan. The chairs are toilet seat and dishes are served in plastic miniature toilet bowls, and drinks are offered in miniature urinals.

Modern restaurant

The visitors sit on the table which is made by toilet seat. When I visited this place it was closed. As this is operated by NGO so they offered us lunch in this café.

The concept of toilet café initiated by great personality Mr. Jayesh bhai patel. The whole objective is to give awareness about importance of sanitization system in India.

The many famous personality visited this place from ministers to politicians, businessmen and Actors. In the evening there is arrangement for watching movies. Where NGOs and other people gathered at Toilet Café for meetings and sit together to watch movies in the evening.

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