Vechaar museum – Utensil Museum in Ahmedabad

About Vechaar museum

Vishalla is known for Gujrati food one of the famous thali in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. It represents Indian culture and tradition in its village-like environment with its museum of old utensils known as Vechaar. The museum established on 27 April 1981 after the three of Vishalla formed. Vechaar is the only museum of its kind in the world, displaying such a precious collection of utensils.

Utensil Museum

The Vechaar museum is included in one of the strange museums. This museum has a number of utensils so it is often known as the vechaar utensils. The museum consists of many types of unique utensils as mentioned, different types of locks of the olden time, and many more things. Starting with the utensils it has many types of big pot for making food in Hindi known as Kadai. Then it has many types of drinking utensils, it also consists of different types of locks used at that time for closing the king s palace.

The entry of the Vishala takes you a village environment. Then further before entry into the utensil museum, you will watch big locks and kadhai. It is square in shape and middle of the museum a small temple. Its great museum if you want to thousand of utensil variety start from olden time to this age. The whole collection is fantastic.

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Entry fees of Utensil Museum – 30 res

Fees children aged from 3 to 11 – 10 Rs

Photography Charges – 100 rs

Videography Charges – 500 Rs

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