पांडुपोल Pandupol

Pandupol Hanuman Mandir In Sariska Tiger Reserve| complete journey to Pandupol in Sariska Tiger Reserve Must see


Pandupol is an ancient Hanuman temple located inside the Sariska National Park. Pandu Pol is a sightseeing place also, The Legend is that the Pandavas spent their exile time unknown (Gupta time) here. Due to the mythology associated with the Pandavas of Mahabharata, this is a religious place where Lord Hanuman ji is lying in the temple.

The Pandupol comes inside Sariska tiger reserve so you can visit this religious place Pandupol in Sariska tiger reserve, To see beautiful forests on the way. This wild sanctuary is seen mostly in deer, twelve LIONS, nilgai, wild boar, sambar dear and peacocks in large quantities. This is a very impressive place as well as the main attraction in this area.

Journey To Pandupol

I started my journey from the village of Narayanpur, after crossing the Thana Ghazi, as soon as I reached Sarika Park, I found two sambars dear on the way. I stopped the car as soon as I saw them, they came very close to my car window and said, “Come on, give us something to eat.” After a while, they went back. This is my first time experience with wild animals. Thereafter, I reached the Man Gate of Sariska National Park. Before entering this park here, I took an entry ticket for the car, which was Rs. 275, they gave me a pass of the National Park, on which all the rules and instructions were written, the penalty for breaking these rules also applied.

sariska tiger reserve

This was my first trip to a national park. I was very thrilled that I had to drive a car in the jungle to reach the 20 kilometers away Pandupol temple. The speed limit of 30 km has been defined on the pass. Inside Sariska tiger reserve, Jungle animals were seen, but no big animals were found. I captured a lot of photos on my camera.

I had seen many deer and sambar dear groups here, but here the langurs and peacock groups were standing on the path and not moving out of the way. A langur then jump on my car and sat on the outside view mirror. After taking a lot of photos and videos, we reached Pandupol at around 10 am. After reaching there, I first took the Prasad of God and saw Lord Bajrang Bali.

What to eat in pandupol


There are two or three shops here, which help the travelers who come to Pandupol, They serve Tea, kachori Kadhi and bread pakora, these three items I  took for breakfast, which I liked very much. This breakfast was so tasty that my heart became happy.

Bhangarh Fort, 40 km from Thanagaji, which is called India’s most haunted fort, you can also read this post. you can also comment on how did you like this post.

Pandupol vlog


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