चुड़ैल का महल Chudel ka mahal

Chudel ka Mahal| Story of Incomplete Palace of King Kul | No one allowed to go in this ruined palace after 7.00 pm

Chudel ka Mahal

Today I am going to show you the Palace of witches (Chudel ka Mahal ) which is near the village of Narayanpur in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, this palace is on a small hill, It is just 5 to 6 kilometers away from Narayanpur, this palace is called Haunted.  After seven o’clock in the evening, no one goes there to visit this palace or is not allowed.  The people can be reached here by trekking on a small hill from Kool ke kund, let’s come with me to see this witch’s palace.

Chedel ka mahal

Story of the palace

This palace construction was started by King Kul, To build this palace, a Gawala (shepherd of cows) who was a servant of the saint of Dhamena Dham used to move soil from below to palace for construction on the hill.  But after hard work he was not getting anything from the king. One day after working for a long time, Gawala told his sorrow to the saint. So the saint told him that you should not worry, this time I will work in your place. The saint started the king’s work, the saint asked the king, how much soil is to be taken up for the palace, the king asked him to take it with a very large Pan, the saint with the power of his magic gave the Big Pan to the king. Rushed to the palace and overturned it

Seeing this power of a saint, The King considered him to be a great man. He immediately grabbed the saint’s feet and started apologizing. After that day, the work of that palace stopped, slowly the evil spirits and the witch started coming there and the witch living in this palace the witches does not allow anyone to enter this palace, whoever goes to Chudel ka Mahal in the night does not come back.

This popular story was told to me by the venerable Ramavatar Ji of the village, I also got a chance to see this old Chudelle’s palace with him. It was a very different experience for me.

Bhangarh Fort, 60 km from Narayanpur, which is called India’s most haunted fort, you can also read this post. you can also comment on how did you like this post.

chudel ka mahal


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2 years ago

its so scary…..

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