Can i travel to Pune now

Can I travel to Pune now? can I travel from Mumbai to Pune without e pass? All you need to know

Can I travel to Pune now?

Can I travel to Pune now is it a question mark to everyone? Passengers coming to Railway Station or airport in the Maharashtra state and wanted to travel to the other locations. They have to show their tickets and boarding pass to the police check post. Here one more advisory has been given to the passengers that they have to agree to mandatory 14 days home quarantine for min 14 days. It has been declared that people travelling interstate must carry e passes to prevent any obstruction.

can I travel from Mumbai to Pune without e pass?

Maharashtra government tightened covid-19 restrictions. Public and private transport not allowed until and unless there is an essential service or emergency. Apart from this, 14 days mandatory home quarantine for the people travelling to inter districts the new restrictions will remain in force till 7:00 a.m. on my first.

Please help setup check post on several places like Plaza toll Gates at border in Pune district The Pupil which heavy pass will not be stopped however the other emergency can be considered

Interstate travel by road has been closed by the government in case of any medical emergency such as funeral and family member sickness is there then it can be permitted. The People going from Maharashtra must carry e pass. Apart from this people who are outside Maharashtra who wanted to come back to Pune must get an e-pass.

lockdown rules in Pune

Pune has a night curfew between 6 pm and 7 am on weekdays and complete lockdowns on weekends. The timing for the night curfew is from 6.00 pm to morning at 7.00 am. The weekends timing from 6 pm on Fridays to 7 am on Mondays. These new restrictions will remain in force until 30 April. 

Public Transport

Only two passenger allowed in auto riksha with face mask

Taxis and four-wheelers to operate at 50% capacity.

If anyone not wearing mask in the four-wheeler, a fine of Rs500 will be levied on the driver and the offender.

Out-station trains are not to have any standing passengers

Anyone using public transport without a mask on will be fined for Rs 500.

Can we travel to Pune now? A journey from Ahmedabad to Pune

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