झूलता मीनारा Jhulta Minar Ahmedabad

Jhulta Minar Ahmedabad still an unresolved mystery of shaking minarets

Jhulta Minar Ahmedabad

Jhulta Minar one of the famous minar in Ahmedabad India. Jhulta Minar are known as shaking minar also because of both minar shakes. when one minar push gently then the other minar feels vibration inspite of the middle connected part remain intact. A staircase has been made inside these towers, from which you can go to the first portion of the tower.

Jhulta Minar Ahmedabad

Now no one is allowed to go inside these towers because these towers had appeared cracked on the surface, so these towers are tied up with steel strip. Till a few years ago, entry inside the tower was open and allowed with an entrance fee.

Jhulta Minar history

Jhulta Minar history These minarets are the biggest minarets of Ahmedabad. It is believed that the Jhulta Minar was built by Sidi Bashir in 1852, Sidi Basheer was a slave of Sultan Ahmed Shah, but the style and the material of these minarets indicate that it was constructed at the time of Mehmood Begada.

Jhulta Minar Ahmedabad
Jhulta Minar Ahmedabad

In 1753 in Ahmedabad, there was a war between the Maratha and Gujarat Sultanate Khan. During this war the back part of the swinging tower was broken, now its 2 minarets and the middle arch is left here, this arch connects these two minarets. This tower is one of the oldest towers of Ahmedabad.

Jhulta Minar Mystry

The swinging tower is an unresolved mystery. The tower is three storeys higher than the arch. The specialty of these minarets is that if one tower is pushed by hand, the other tower has vibrating and the middle of the arch remain fixed and there is no vibration.

Jhulta Minar Ahmedabad
Jhulta Minar Ahmedabad

Jhulta minar still a mystery. It is believed that it happens due to the layered construction of these minarets.  The swinging towers are in 2 places in Ahmedabad, the first one is in the Sidi Basheer Mosque near Ahmedabad Junction and the second tower is in Raj Biwi mosque.

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Jhulta Minar Ahmedabad
Jhulta Minar Ahmedabad

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Why is it called Shaking Minarets?

When I came here, Then I met with Mr. Farooq ji who told me that if we gently push one tower then the other tower will also shake. That why these minar called Shaking Minarets.

Who built Jhulta Minar?

The Jhulta Minar was built by Sidi Bashir in 1852, Sidi Basheer was a slave of Sultan Ahmed Shah.

How many balconies are there in Jhulta Minar?

Jhulta minar basically two minars in front of main structure and each minar have three stories above the main arch.

Jhulta Minar in which city? Where is Jhulta minar situated?

Jhulta minar is located in Ahmedabad city India. There are two Jhulta minar, the first Jhulta minar very close to kalupur railway station in Sidi Basir Masjid. The second Jhulta minar in Biwiji Masjid Gomtipura. Both places address given below.

Jhulta Minar in Ahmedabad city address

Address Jhulta minar Sidi Bashir Masjid – Kalupur Road, Sidi Bashir Masjid, Sarangpur, Laxmi Bazar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380002

Address Jhulta minar Bibiji Masjid – 5, Julta Minar Road, Rajpur Hirpur, Gomtipur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380038

Jhulta Minar Timing

Timing – the opening timing 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Jhulta Minar entry fees

No entry fees for this religious place.

Jhulta Minar Ahmedabad

Jhulta Minar Navigation – Get Direction

jhulta minar wikipedia

We have given link for Jhulta Minar Wikipedia for more detail and understanding.

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