Sir chinu bhai

Statue of Sir Chinubhai Baronet – a philanthropist

About Sir Chinubhai Baronet

Sir Chinubhai Baronet a textile mill owner and philanthropist from Ahmedabad during British rule. He was the first Hindu Baronet of British India, Mahatma Gandhi on 21 September 1933 unveiled a statue of Sir Chinubhai near the front of Bhadrakali temple in Ahmadabad. In a function presided by his son Girjaprasad, the Sir Chinubhai Madhowlal Ranchhodlal, 2nd Baronet and many noted citizens and government officers as well as Indian leaders.

Chinubhai Baronet

This statue is situated in front of Bhadrafort in the park. This is a surprise to me when I visited this small park. I just went inside for some rest. Suddenly I saw this statue but I could not understand it. Now It was in my mind that I need to find out the name of this statue. So I have started a search on google aunty. Very soon the statue name was in front of my laptop screen.

Apart from this, the roadside cheap clothing and other accessories market spread around the park. You can buy lower, purse watches artificial jewelry, etc. from the market.

I have visited this market many times mostly on Sunday. You will find a huge crowd even though two driving is also difficult. Just park your two-wheeler in front of Teen Darwaja parking.

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