Shakambari Devi Temple in Sambhar Lake in Rajasthan

Shakambari Devi

Although there are many temples in India, today I am going to tell you about shakambari Devi, a form of Maa Durga. This temple is on the banks of Sambhar Lake, this place is 90 km from Jaipur in Rajasthan.



The road was not good approx. 10-15 km thereafter road is good up to sambhar city. When I reached sambhar city there are a lot of local sweats shops. I have purchased famous local mithai and fruits and move to the temple adjacent to the salt lake. 

I visited ma this temple in feb 2021. I have started my journey from Jaipur to salt Lake and temple. First, turn taken for phulera at mokhampura from Jaipur Ajmer highway.

Maa Shakambari Story


Once there was a famine on the earth, after which all the Gods and Gods started worshiping Mother Shakti. Mother was pleased with them, she took the form of Adi Shakti and looked at the earth and her divine vision produced herb on the barren earth.

All the people ate their hunger after eating it and due to that, the mother’s name was shakambari Devi. This temple was established by Vasudev, the ruler of Chauhan dynasty.

Maa Shakambahri Temple


I reached the temple at 10.00 am.  This is an ancient temple in sambhar lake. I did darshan of devi maa and taken Prasad. Devi maa murti was completely different.


It was very attractive because the face of the murti is very beautiful as shown big face. Before Maa Shakambhari Devi temple one way goes to salt lake. I turned my car to salt lake and drive at least 5 km on the lake. I reached my final and destination.

Temple Timing

Timing – the opening timing 6:00 am to 9:00 pm

Temple entry fees

No entry fees for this religious place.

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Temple Photo Gallery

Sambhar lake Vlog

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