Sambhar Lake| Pre-wedding Shooting location | Most beautiful and different place

Sambhar Lake

Sambhar lake
Sambhar lake

The salt lake is the largest Lake India and surrounds the historical sambhar lake town. The lake length is approx. 35 km and width max 11 km. the depth of salt lake depth varies in the dry season from 2ft to 10 ft in monsoon. 

Sambhar lake
Sambhar lake

The lake circumference around 90 km and it surrounded by Aravali hills. It is the largest saline wetland in India.The feeding water comes from five main rivers to salt lake. 

Sambhar Lake

The salt lake divided in two-part by a small sandstone dam and water release to salt evaporation area where salt farming is being done for thousand years. The rail track builds in britsh time to access salt works to the sambhar salt city.

History of Sambhar Lake

Sambhar lake is also called cursed lake. According to a legend, the forest here was transformed into a field of precious metals by mother Shakambhari Devi, people started quarreling with each other about this wealth and cursed this gift of a mother. When the people prayed to the goddess to withdraw her boon, the goddess agreed and converted all the precious metal into salt, since then this lake became a salt lake.

Sambhar lake
Sambhar lake

lot of Bollywood movies shot in Sambhar Lake, one of them is the scene of Amir Khan’s superhit film PK, in this film, Aamir Khan is naked and standing near a railway track in the lakeside. Apart from this, the film of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ramlila was shot in a small temple in front of the Maa Shakambhari Devi temple and the movie Sher has been shoot on Sanjay Dutt.

Sambhar lake
Sambhar lake

Because this lake is very large and dry ground, a lot of fighting scenes have also been filmed here, such as the names of films like Jodha Akbar, Drona, and Sher.

My Experience

It gives an awesome feeling that you are alone on big plain land and no one there. It’s an amazing experience for me and My family. This place is meant for Photography awesome photoshoot can be done. I have taken some snaps for m dream memory.  The visit to this place is worth and unforgettable.

Sambhar lake
Sambhar lake

Best time to visit

From Oct to Mid, Feb. weather is pleasant and seems to be the best time. Avoid summer to visit this place.

How to reach

By Air
The Jaipur International Airport -110 kilometers from Sambhar salt lake and is located in Sanganer. The Jaipur airport is well connected to all major cities and flight routes in India. From the airport taxis and private and public buses available to reach salt lake.

By Rail
The Sambhar Salt Lake station is the nearest train station and phulera railway station. Which is also connected to Jaipur Railway Station. There are frequent trains that shuttle to Jaipur on an hourly basis.

By Road:
The Sambhar Salt Lake is well connected from Jaipur and Ajmer. Both are the main tourist destinations in Rajasthan India.

Distance from Jaipur city – 95 km. from

Distance from Ajmer – 86 km

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