Kund Mauli

Kund Mauli Temple Chas Village Bhima River and Potholes Astonishing View in 2021

Kund Mauli

Kund Mauli

I had visited Chaskar Wada in chas village.  Before visiting Chaskar Wada, I have explored this area and found two prachin temples, Kund Mauli and Someshwar. I was eager to explore the Kund Mauli Temple as well as the surroundings of the temple because this temple is situated at the bank of the Bhima river.

Kund Mauli

This temple is just 1-2 km from Chas village. This temple is famous for Local Goddess Devi Maa Kund Mauli.  To reach here, there is a narrow path alongside the field. The entry gate was similar to Chaurai Devi Temple and a small difference between them is the peacock was sitting on the Chaurai Devi temple entry gate.

Kund Mauli

A few steps go downward to enter the main Kund Mauli Temple. The Temple was closed, but we can do Devi Maa darshan from the steel railing gate. The Goddess Maa Murti has a big face and is very beautiful. After taking darshan, I went backside to the temple.

Kund Mauli

Here the Bhima river has created many big potholes and looks very astonishing. This view is spread almost 1-2 kilometers. The potholes look like Nighojhe or Kund Mala as on the Indrayani River. Some local people are fishing here.

Kund Mauli

Kund Mauli temple name and the river view are also very similar to Kund Mala. Apart from the devote, It is not so much popular among lonely place lovers.  This is a very cool location if you want to enjoy such religious places and Potholes.

I have met with Mr. Sanket who helped me to reach this temple and share some details about his place.

Kund Mauli

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