Harshat Mata Temple

Harshat Mata Temple Abhaneri village an ancient temple

Harshat Mata Temple situated just near Chand baori in Abha Neri village. It comes in the Dausa district in Rajasthan. The temple of Harshat Mata was built during the time of Chand Bawdi. This temple was built by the king of Abhaneri. This temple is a unique form of architecture. According to the Archaeological Survey of India, this temple was built in the 7th century.

It seems that this was a big temple in olden times which was destroyed by the Islamic ruler and after about 1000 years the main part of the temple just remained here. The excavated stones of this temple are now placed in the corridor of Chand Bawdi by the Archaeological Survey of India. Chand Baori plays an important part of the current architectural activity in Western India.

Harshat Mandir Architecture

harshat mata temple

This Harshat Mata Temple is a small temple that is built on a big platform, some stairs have to be climbed to reach this platform. The broken walls and mortars of the temple are placed around this temple.

harshat mata

The sun flower is carved on the walls of this temple, this temple is one of the famous temples here and it is very much recognized that the devotees are seen praying here and after talking to the priest of the temple it came to know that during Dussehra festival 10 days before when the puja Archana starts on Navratri, Abhaneri fair is held here for 3 days. The priest also told us that a fair is also held in the month of April.

The atmosphere of this temple is also very beautiful, this temple attracts tourists more if you have come to Abhaneri, then definitely visit this temple.

Harshat Mata Temple Timing

Timing – the opening timing 6:00 am to 6:00 pm all day

Harshat Mata Temple entry fees

No entry fees for this religious place.

Harshat Mata Temple Photo Gallery

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Abhaneri Vlog

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Frequently Ask Question

Where is Harshat Mata’s temple?

The temple of Harshat Mata is located in the village of Abhaneri in Dausa district of Rajasthan, where Prashid Chand Baori is known for its unique architectural style. Nearby is the ancient temple of Harshat Mata.

History of Abhaneri?

It is believed that Abhaneri is an ancient village from the post-Gupta era and from the early medieval times. Chand bawdi is there very closed to harshat mata temple Chand Baori was built around the 9th century.

How many steps are there in chand bawdi?

chand bawdi has 3500 steps

Where is Chand Bawdi in Rajasthan?

Chand bawdi stepwell is situated in Abhaneri village near Bandikui of Dausa Distt in Rajasthan.

How deep is the water in Chand baori?

Chand bawdi stepwell is 30 meters deep or this stepwell is equal to the depth of 13-story building

Is abhaneri haunted?

Abhaneri is ruin place. A legend is there that chand bawdi is haunted place.

Which city is called the city of step wells?

Rani ji ki bawdi is called the city of step well

Famous places near Harshat Mata Temple

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