Bhandarej Bawdi

Bhandarej Bawdi Most beautiful bawdi in Bhandarej village Dausa

Bhandarej Bawdi dausa

Bhandarej Bawdi
Bhandarej Bawdi

Bhandarej Bawdi – Bhandarej village is 10 km from Dausa town in Rajasthan, This village has a very beautiful step well. The Bandarej’s stepwell is also called Badi bawdi. This bawdi has steps to reach the bottom of the water. On entering this Bawdi, The chhatri type arch is built above its main court and a similar arch is built on the end of this building, there are four chhatriyas on the four corners and an umbrella in the middle, which makes this step well very beautiful, this stepwell is a very beautiful example of craft art. It’s a different and amazing experience at this step well.

Bhandarej Bawdi
Bhandarej Bawdi

When Bhandarej Bawdi constructed ?

This bawdi, which was built in 1789, is three-storied and is in a rectangular shape. There are rooms on each floor. This room is probably made for changing clothes and praying here. In this bawdi Galleries have been made to go from side to other side, this architecture further enhances the beauty of this step well.

Bhandarej Bawdi
Bhandarej Bawdi

Bhandarej Bawdi It is also said that this Bawdi was built by ghosts in one night similar to chand bawdi.

Bhandarej Bawdi
Bhandarej Bawdi

Is this bawdi haunted ?

It is a legend that once a time one Barat came to the village of Bhandarej and the whole Barat stayed in this Bawdi but when that Barat went inside this Bawdi tunnel. the whole Barat could not return and that is why this step well tunnel is also called ghostly. These tunnels go from Badi Baoli to Chand Baori of Abhaneri village.

What is Bawdi? or Meaning of Bawdi?

Bhandarej Bawdi
Bhandarej Bawdi

Bawdi is known by different names in different provinces. It is also called Stepwell, Baori, Baoli, Bawri. It is called Barav in Marathi, Vav in Gujarati and Kalyani in Kannada.
Bawdi is actually an ancient tradition of water management. In ancient times it used to be a very large source of water. Bawdi was made in such a way that it was a structure of water resources as well as architecture. This stepwell was a part of the community festival and also the main place. The Bawri is found in Gujarat and Rajasthan in the initial time.


You can visit any time but Preferable timing are 6:00 am to 9:00 pm

Entry fees

No entry fees for Badi bawdi

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