Dada harir stepwell
Gujarat,  Ahmedabad,  Historical,  India

Dada Harir Stepwell history A beautiful stepwell in Ahmedabad

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Dada Harir Stepwell

Dada Harir stepwell

I reached Dada Harir stepwell at 10 am in the morning. It is 2.6 km from Ahmedabad kalupur railway station. Tha Dada Harir stepwell is not so much popular as Adalaj ki vav. when I visited this place, no one was there. The most important thing is that you can visit any level of this stepwell without any obstruction.

  • Dada Harir stepwell

No one will stop you and you free to explore most of the intricate parts of this stepwell. You can take many more pictures at different levels. I highly recommend visiting this place.

Dada Harir Stepwell History

Dada Harir stepwell

This stepwell was built in 1485 by Dhai Harir, a household lady of Mahmud Begada. She was the superintendent of the royal harem of Mahmud Begada. Dhai Harir also built a mosque and a tomb backside of this styepwell in which she was buried.

Dada Harir Stepwell Architecture

  • Dada Harir stepwell

The architecture of stepwell is east-west. The main entrance has given on the east side and the west side well is dug at the end. To reach the water source the stepwell has stairs from the main entry and one more round type stairs at the end near the wall.

Dada Harir stepwell
Dada Harir stepwell

This stepwell at ground level 190 feet long by 40 feet wide. The Dada Harir stepwell is five stories deep.

It is Built-in sandstone in Solanki architectural style, Each downward floor is spacious enough to provide for people to congregate. because stepwell are the main source of water.

  • Dada Harir stepwell

so it was dug deep to access groundwater at that level, The water level varies according to seasonal fluctuations in water level due to rainfall over the year.

My experience

Dada Harir Stepwell
Dada Harir stepwell

wow, this is so beautiful similar to another stepwell in Ahmedabad Adalaj ki vav. The architecture of this stepwell is different in terms of the main entry look from other step-wells. The Dada Harir stepwell comes in the category of protected monuments in Ahmedabad, India’s first world heritage city.

About Photography

Dada Harir stepwell

The Islamic architectural style could be attributed to Sultani Dhai Harir. Dada Harir stepwell is the best place for photography. Many amazing and memorable photos can be taken here. The caretaker not allowed you to take video. You need to get permission from ASI.

  • Dada Harir stepwell
Dada Harir Stepwell

Entry Timings

09:00 am to 05:00 pm Everyday

Entry Tickets

There is no entry ticket to visit this place. It’s absolutely free and you are free to explore this heritage stepwell.


The Dada Harir stepwell is maxed 3 km from Ahmedabad railway junction and 6 km from old Ahmedabad. It is situated in Haripura, Asarva.

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