Badshah No Hajiro

Ahmad Shah’s Tomb -Badshah no Hajiro in Ahmedabad

Ahmad shah tomb video

Badshah No Hajiro – Ahmad Shah Tomb

Ahmad Shah’s tomb, locally known as badshah Hajiro or King’s Tomb, is located close to Manek Chowk, behind the Jama Masjid.

History of Ahmad Shah tomb

This mosque houses the tomb of Ahmad Shah I, the founder of Ahmedabad. It was made  by his son Muhammad Shah II who is buried on his left. His grandson Qutb-ud-din Ahmed Shah is buried under his authority. Ahmed Shah’s brother’s mausoleum is outside the main hall. Flowers and sheets are offered at Ahmed Shah’s tomb.

Badshah No Hajiro
Badshah No Hajiro

This mosque has a large central dome. There are four chambers at the four corners with small domes. The tombs are built in the center. There are also tombs of some ministers outside Ahmed Saha Tomb, in front of which people still live, it seems a bit strange.

Ahmad Shah Tomb -Naubatkhana Tradition

Before going to Ahmad Sah tomb there is a gate in which naubut is played. the Naubat used to be played in the opening and closing of Bhadra fort gates, in the time of Ahmed shah so that the people enter the fort before the gate are closed. Naubat is still played in the memory of Ahmed shah near his tomb. Here I met the sixth generation of musicians who still play the naubut with nagada hai sehnai. This tradition is going for 600 years.

Badshah no hajiro

Naubat is a traditional orchestra that announces the king’s arrival and departure, welcomes dignitaries, initiates wars, and goes instead to the beginning of special occasions. They were also the timekeeper of the city.

Ahmad Shah Tomb – Badshah no hajiro Timing

Timing – the opening timing 6:00 am to 9:00 pm

Ahmad Shah Tomb – Badshah no hajiro Timing

No entry fees for this religious place.

Ahmad Shah Tomb Photo Gallery

Address of Ahmad shah Tomb

The address of the Badshah no hajiro is Gandhi Road, Manek Chowk, Danapidth, Khadia, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 380001, India

How to Reach Ahmad Shah’s Tomb

The tomb of Ahmad Shah is situated near the eastern gate of the Jama Masjid. It is in between the Manek chowk and Jami masjid. This place is very crowded so it is preferable to take an Auto to reach there.

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Frequently Asked question

Who is Ahmed in Ahmedabad?

Ahmed shah 1 is the founder of Ahmedabad. He was the grandson of Jafar khan who founded the Muzaffarid dynasty and Gujarat Sultanate He had ruled over Gujarat for 31 years from 1411 to his death in 1442.

When was Badshah no Hajiro built?

Ahmad Shah initiated Badshah no Hajiron or mausoleum but the final structure completed by Muhammad Shah in 1451. Muhammed Shah known as Mehmud Begada.

How old is Ahmedabad city?

Ahmedabad city is 600 years old and it was founded by Ahmad shah 1 in 1411.

What was Ahmedabad original name?

Ahmedabad’s original name was Karnavati. It was named by the emperor name of Patan. But in 1411 Ahmad shah first found a walled city and renamed it Ahmedabad.

Ahmed Shah Badshah History in hindi

If you are interested to read in about Ahmad shah in hindi then click here

Famous places near Ahmad Shah Tomb Badshah no hajiro

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Historical place of Ahmedabad heritage
Historical place of Ahmedabad heritage
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