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Teen Darwaza heritage sites in Ahmedabad a Legendary gateway

Teen Darwaza

Today I started my day at the Heritage sites in Ahmedabad Teen Darwaza. These three doors used to attract me a lot because the door is very busy during the day, so I have come here at 7 o’clock in the morning, I saw these three doors very close for the first time. I had come out many times but I never felt the legacy of this door. Today was a great day for me and I have understood the history of this door, so let me tell you about this famous Teen Darwaja of Heritage sites in Ahmedabad.

About Teen Darwaja

Heritage sites in Ahmedabad
Heritage sites in Ahmedabad

The Teen Darwaja is located to the east of Bhadra Fort. Three gates are the entrance to the huge grounds of the royal palace of Ahmed Shah.  There are three gates at this entrance. The middle gate is 17 feet wide and the other two gates are 13 feet wide. This door has a curved staircase to go up of this architecture of Heritage sites in Ahmedabad.

Teen Darwaja History

The Teen Darwaza was built by Ahmad Shah I in 1415 AD.  It was built soon after the construction of Ahmedabad.  The Mahmud Begada came out of from this entrance with 300 horses and a team of 3000 soldiers at that time to fight with Marathas. It was a great welcome of Mehmud Begada by elephant and playing royal music on both sides of the road.

Heritage sites in Ahmedabad
Heritage sites in Ahmedabad

Maratha Subedar Chiman ji Raghunath issued the in 1812 that from now on women will also have equal rights as men in their ancestral property and this decree was written on an inscription over there on the doors. He said that if this order will not followed then Hindus will have to answer to Lord Mahadev and Muslims to Allah or Rasool.

Heritage sites in Ahmedabad
Heritage sites in Ahmedabad

Legendary story

There is also a legend about some people above the three-door. According to a legend, Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth came near the Bhadra Fort to leave the city and she went out of the three doors. The Kotwal Khawaja Siddiqi want to stay Maa Laxmi Goddess hear so he said to Maa Laxmi that until Ahmad Shah allowed you will not go out from here, I am going to get Badshah Ahmad Saha permission.

After this, Kotwal went to the emperor Ahmad Saha and said that I have to surrender myself to stop Lakshmi in the city so that the property of the city remains intact, even today, the tomb of that Kotwal is located there. And the temple of Maa Laxmi as Bhadra kali is still there.

Heritage sites in Ahmedabad
Heritage sites in Ahmedabad

According to the legend, even today, in a womb of three doors, the flame of Mother Lakshmi ji is still burning, this tradition has been run by a Muslim family from 600 years. I have met Yunuse bhai  who is continues to run this tradition even today

Now Teen Darwaza

Now the teen Darwaja is a huge crowded area in Ahmedabad. Towards Bhadra fort just in front of it, there is parking for two-wheelers. The opposite side of this Jama masjid and other monuments. This place is nowadays a shopping hub. Because this is the center of Ahmedabad you can see heritage pol. Just near the Jama masjid, there is a legacy restaurant and sweet shop which were established before the freedom of India.

Heritage sites in Ahmedabad
Heritage sites in Ahmedabad

This is must visit place if you love the historical city and want to explore heritage as well as the taste of Gujrati foods.

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