Milkybar Waterfall

Milkybar Waterfall Amazing Must Visit Waterfall In Plus Valley Rated 1

Milkybar Waterfall

Milkybar Waterfall – Looking for a destination to enjoy your monsoons?
No worries travfoodie has explored yet another monsoon destination for you.

Milkybar Waterfall

Milkybar waterfall as the name suggests is a heavenly waterfall which by seen from far looks like milky water falling right from the heaven. It is one of the most underrated waterfall located in Plus valley Tamhini Ghat near tamhini view point, It is the most beautifull one day waterfall treking spot near pune in plus valley. Being lesser known, makes it lesser crowded place than devkund waterfall and other waterfalls in vicinity.

Milkybar Waterfall
Milkybar Waterfall
Milkybar Waterfall

The road to milkybar waterfall trek is filled with beautiful mesmerizing scenic beauty. milkybar waterfall trek is about 2-3 km long, which takes approx. 1.5-2 hrs. The journey to the waterfall is as happening as the destination, by mooving along the water stream in plus valley, bushes and uneven rocky paths, it’s all worth the wait.

Milkybar Waterfall
Milkybar Waterfall

You will be covered amidst waterfalls, and lush green valley’s once you embark your journey to the waterfall. From the main road Take right turn to rough road, after 500 meter you can park your vehicle and actual trek start here. follw the path and cross some 300 meter patch of trees. Now there is ground and mesmerising veiw of plus vally and many waterfalls.

Milkybar Waterfall

Mooving forward ther is downward trek to the plus valle. this trek is adjecent to hill. Reaching in the valley ther is heavy water stream in the valley. then moove to opposite direaction of water stream to reach milky waterfall. the beauty of the vally is feel like a heaven, the water stream is covered with hills both side. this trek is up and down but not so difficult. During the this trek some other waterfalls can be witnessed.

Milkybar Waterfall

By crossing steeps, rocky pathways, slopes and uneven paths you’ll finally reach the waterfall. The panoramic view is breathtaking. the mesmerising milky waterfall remove your fatigue. By seeing this waterfall it look like milk is falling down. Some small caves type many holes around the milke waterfall.

Milkybar Waterfall
Milkybar Waterfall

The trek is of moderate level you can enjoy the trek with your family. To guide ribbons are tied on the branches of trees to make it easy for the travelers to find the right path. You are advised to go in a group, wear reliable trekking shoes, as the path is narrow and slippery, and carry extra pair of clothes and water bottle.

Milkybar Waterfall

Milky Waterfall Images

Milkybar Waterfall

Milkybar Waterfall Video

How to reach Milkybar Waterfall

The trek start point is just just half km from Tamhini ghat view point. There is one board display at the start of trek. Tamhini ghat view point is approx 74 km from pune city. Taxi can be hired pune to tamhini ghat view point.

Timing- Milkybar Waterfall

No timing as its lonly place then recommended time to visit in morning 8.00 am to 5.00 pm

Entry Fees Milkybar Waterfall

Earlier No enrty fees was there. Now local people put some small entry fees

Address – Milkybar Waterfall

Near tamhini ghat view point and tamhini valley

When to visit Milkybar Waterfall

Best time to visit in june to August month

Get Direction Milkybar Waterfall

Frequently Ask Question Milkybar Waterfall

Famous Places Near Milky Bar Waterfall Source Wikipedia

Devkund Waterfall is a waterfall located near Bhira, in Raigad districtMaharastra, India. It is a ‘plunge’ waterfall pouring massive amounts of water on the rocky surface underneath. It is a popular spot for one day picnics.

Devkund Waterfall is located in Bhira Patnus and since it went viral on social media, it has become extremely crowded and dangerous place. Several lives have been lost while amateurs try to visit this place on their own. It is the confluence of three waterfalls and is said to be the origin of Kundalika River. It is about a three-hour trek from base village along the dam backwater and through forest to reach this place known as ‘Devkund’. A major part of the trek goes through some semi-dried forests with the river running parallel and sometimes crisscrossing through the route. A guide is required to be taken during the trek as there is dense forest around.

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