secret waterfall bedgaon

Secret Waterfall Bedgaon Pune Must Visit In Monsoon

Secret Waterfall Bedgaon

secret waterfall bedgaon

When you talk about a secret waterfall it means something is hidden and not so much popular. But secret waterfall bedgaon is becoming popular day to day. I am also eager to explore this secret waterfall bedgaon and create one more memory.

secret waterfall bedgaon

The secret water bedgaon It’s a heavy water stream creating a three-level waterfall and flowing through the amazing shape of the rock

secret waterfall bedgaon

The first level of this waterfall is around 5 -6 feet a small slope of this water stream.
second level waterfall is around 10 to 15 feet height this point is more adventurous here. This is a round-shaped rock cut water is following below it.

secret waterfall bedgaon

The depth of water level is around 30 ft. Just other side of this depth of water is around 20 ft. The third level is 10 to 15 meters away beyond one holy stone.

secret waterfall bedgaon

Secret Waterfall is not just for watching the water stream level. It’s known for adventurous water sports activities. The whole management is being done by Bedgaon villagers group.

secret waterfall bedgaon

They will take you to the waterfall point. The main activity is to climb to the second level height of this water stream and jump into 30 ft deep water pond. When you come up and swing below the rock bridge it’s an amazing experience. I have jumped three times and enjoy the cliff jumping.

secret waterfall bedgaon

It was a very good experience and I enjoyed this place a lot. In all water sports activities, my guide Mr. Ashok ji helped me a lot. He was a very nice person and explained to me each and every point about this place.

secret waterfall bedgaon

If you are planning to visit the secret waterfall then call him in advance. He will guide you from bedgaon to secret waterfall journey, watersport activity, and safe return.

secret waterfall bedgaon

For safety life jacket is almost mandatory If you are an experienced swimmer then you can jump without out life jacket.
The Secret Waterfall Bedgaon management group of people control every visitor to avoid any incident here. they take care safety of each person.

secret waterfall bedgaon

Way to Secret Waterfall Bedgaon

Secret Waterfall Bedgaon -I started my journey a little bit late from Pimpri Chinchwad Pune. The distance is almost 100 kilometers from my location. I took route from Bhujwal flyover – Hinjewadi phase 3- Pirangut – Paud – Mulshi – Crosing Tamhini ghat and reached Mahad.

secret waterfall bedgaon

Going towards there is one T point at vecharlli village hardly 400 meres take another turn right to ville. The bedgaon is almost 4- 5 km from ville. Before reaching Bedgaon you can witness Shayadri hill range view with many more waterfalls on it.

secret waterfall bedgaon

Now when you enter in Village there is a T point. The secret waterfall management group sits here. They keep the entry of each person. From this point, one person will take to secret waterfall. It’s 5- 10 min very beautiful nature walk.

secret waterfall bedgaon

Fees and charges

The secret waterfall visit charges are 300 hundred rs per person including water sports activities. Otherwise 100 rs entry fee for each person.

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Secret Waterfall Bedgaon Vlog

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