devkund waterfall

Devkund Waterfall Trek -Devkund Trek , Waterfall Location, Best Time to Visit

Devkund Waterfall

devkund waterfall

Devkund waterfall – We all know every season brings us something special that can only be offered by them, so does monsoon. If you ask me which is the best time period or season to travel Pune and its neighboring tourist places it would definitely be monsoon i.e. June to Oct as it gives us the best experience we can have with nature all-around mountains, rivers and the hefty area covered with trees and plants of various kinds.

devkund waterfall

So for experiencing the best of it we decided to make a trip to Devkund Waterfall which is one of the best waterfalls that anyone can experience near Pune.  

It is a long drive of 103 km from Pune, so we left early morning from our home around 5:30 am so that we could reach early and start our trek before the sun hits the top.

devkund waterfall

As we left early it was an easy ride through the city with minimal vehicles and no traffic around, we passed the city behind us and reached Pirangut town from where we entered a beautiful sightseeing road ahead i.e. Mulshi road. The experience of Cruising your bike sideways of a river through zigzag roads around the mountain with drizzling rain is one of a kind.

devkund waterfall

We wore out raincoats as it started raining cats and dogs, at a point up in the mountains it had so much fog that we could barely see what’s even two vehicles ahead of us, so we slowed our bike down but continued our journey ahead. It’s a 60 km patch of this sight-seeing up’s and downs through hills crossing Mulshi dam and then descending Tamhini ghat we finally made through, and now we could see signs towards Devkund waterfalls that means we reached Bhira village.

devkund waterfall

After crossing this ghat area we decided to take a break and have something as it’s time for breakfast and our stomachs were empty so we stopped at a local restaurant and had some delicious vada pav’s with a cup of tea before continuing our journey towards Devkund which is just a few kilometers ahead.

devkund waterfall

Continuing after this short break we drove through this small village just looking around gigantic mountains covered with clouds & fog on the top and numerous small streams of waterfalls falling from them, it was a sight to see.

devkund waterfall

Devkund Waterfall Trek

We reached Devkund waterfall trek parking place near Bhira Dam from where every Trekker starts its trek towards Devkund. It has a parking ticket of 20 rs, you can buy some snacks & water bottles if you don’t have them from here, as it’s a long journey ahead.

devkund waterfall

So from the parking point, it’s a 6 km trek until you reach the waterfall. If you are going off-season & it’s your first time I would suggest taking a guide which is available there but for us, we already had people who knew the trek as they did it earlier, we were a team of four.

devkund waterfall

Starting the trek towards Devkund it was slow and easy passing through dense forest, small streams, and open large grounds until you get to a point after 1-2 km where you get some really high flowing streams emerging out from the main waterfall which had to be crossed

devkund waterfall

We care otherwise you would be taken aback by them, we crossed them using ropes attached by the villagers themselves to help tourists reach the destination, it was included in the entry fees. All the while we were trekking all I can feel was the fresh breeze and my eyes were just stunned by nature around me, it’s one of those things which cannot be put into words.

devkund waterfall

We were more than halfway through the trek as told by our fellow friends as we reached the bridge, yes bridge made my woods by the villagers. First I was scared to cross it, but it’s the only way to cross the major stream which has the power to get you drowned. On the bridge I felt safe as it was strong, I stood there for a min to experience the water below me and drizzling rain above.

devkund waterfall

We still had 2 km to go before we reached Devkund so we continued farther, now we had to climb a mountain and then descend it to finally reach Devkund. Climbing it was a tough job, no it was not inclined, but it took so much energy that we had to take breaks just climbing it & It’s like the end segment.

devkund waterfall

Descending the mountain and getting close to the main devkund waterfalls with each new step I heard the voice of water falling I could never forget in my life

devkund waterfall

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Devkund Waterfall best time to visit

The Devkund waterfall can be visited in monsoon or post-monsoon. But the best time to visit this place in September and October.

Entry fees

Vehicle entry fees – 20 Rs and 20 Rs to pay for crossing the bridge during the trek

Devkund waterfall trek distance

Devkund waterfall trek distance is approx 5 – 6 km. The trek map is shown below.

Devkund waterfall location – Get Direction

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