Munsar lake

Munsar lake viramgam a 1000 years old lake with more than 300 mini temples

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Munsar Lake

The 1000 years ancient lake with mini temples is a major attraction point for me. This was a sudden plan that I wake at 5.00 am on Sunday and thinking to watch the unseen places. I have started my journey at 6.30 am from Ahmedabad. I reached the destination at 8.00 am and just started exploring this beautiful ancient lake. Two-three villagers were feeding the fish in this lake.

The lake has one main temple and another side a small monument. The lakeside view was fantastic. Around this lake, more than 300 hundred mini temples had been built, for which this lake is known. This lake has a very charming view. Munsar Lake was built around 1000 years ago by Minal Devi the mother of jayashima siddharaja. This lake was formally known as Mansarovar later on shortened to Munsar. This lake is surrounded by carved stone and more than 300 mini temples shrine. In each shrine on one side of the lake is a pedestal and on the other side around basin.

Munsal Lake

All temples faced towards the lake side. At the time of Diwali festivals these temples decorated with the thousands of Deepak as part of religious activity and give a stunning look of the munsar religious lake.

The water feeding to the lake by three pipes near the main temple of Munsari mata, Which is built by Marathas. You can imagine the beauty as well as the importance of this religious lake. Now it’s so disappointing when I saw most of the mini temples were in a ruined condition and no maintenance as well. I saw cow dung was spread for many places around the lake. The waste was dropping inside the lake and lack of cleanliness. Still it is a good place to click some memories at this ancient lake. Half an hour can be spent here.

Munsar lake

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