Jaigarh Fort history

Jaigarh Fort history Strong fort in Jaipur Rajashthan Timing, Ticket & Review in 2021

Jaigarh Fort History

Jaigarh Fort history- Jaigarh was built by Sawai Jaisingh-2, various rulers contributed to the construction of this fort. In fact, the construction of this fort started in the 11th century and lasted till the middle of the 18th century.  Jaigarh Fort is 10 km from Jaipur. It is built on a small eagle hill on the Aravalli hill range.

Jaigarh Fort history

You can watch a panoramic view of the city of Jaipur from Jaigarh fort. Inside this fort, there are Lakshmi Vilas, Lalit Temple and Aaram Mandir. This fort was built for the protection of Amer Fort and Jaipur. This fort is also called Vijayadurg.

 Jaigarh Fort history – Jaiban Cannon

 Jaiban Cannon – This cannon is the world’s largest cannon.  Jaiban cannon is mounted at the highest height of Jaigarh Fort. This cannon is placed on a four-wheeled cart, the size of the front wheels is 9 fit and the size of the rear wheels is 4 and a half feet. The cannon barrel is placed on a 24 feet long shaft. The shaft barrel is 20 feet long and weighs 50 tons. This cannon hose can be lowered down with a long screw. The shells of this cannon. It weighs 50 kg and 100 kg of ammonia powder is poured to run it. It is said that the first time when this cannon was fired, the driver of it died from its shockwave at the same place.

The water tank is kept near the cannon which protects the driver from shockwaves. The special feature of this cannon is that it can be rotated in all directions, and this cannon was manufactured in the Jaigarh foundry itself. It is said that when this cannon was fired for the first time.  Its sphere fell in a chaksu area which is 40 km away, due to its fall, a small pond had formed and many houses in Jaipur were also damaged.

Jaigarh Fort Museum

Inside the fort, all facilities are available, in addition to the palace. This fort also has two museums on which all the weapons of ancient times are kept. These weapons are mainly guns and towers.

Jaigarh Fort history

In the second museum, full information about Jaigarh Fort history is given, there is a picture of all the prominent people who were attached to this place, because it was a military fort, so the Indian Army used this fort. In 1981, this fort was opened to the public.

Jaigarh Fort structure

It is also mentioned that the fort had big treasures. Which was seized by the Rajasthan government in 1971, since then there is no information about this treasure. This fort is also very famous for its arms factory, to make swords and other weapons.  

Jaiban cannon was also built in this factory. This fort is very famous for its architectural safety system, water conservation, and ancient technology.  

Timing – 9.00 am to 5.30 pm

Ticket – Adult 100 Rs

Jaigarh fort history Vlog

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