amer fort history

Amer Fort History & Fact Must Know Great Architecture, Tickets, Timing & Review in 2021

Amer Fort History

Amer fort history

Amer fort history – Amer Fort is situated in Amber which is 10 km from Jaipur pink city. This fort is made on Aravali hill, and very close to Jaigarh Fort.  This fort is one of the most beautiful forts in India. Amer Fort is also known as Amer Palace. Amer fort is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Amer fort history

The Amer Fort was built in 967 AD by Raja Alan Singh of the Chanda Dynasty. But in the 11th century, the Kachhwaha Rajputs took control over it. Thereafter, in the 16th century, Raja Man Singh started rebuilding, and later on, this fort was completed by Jai Singh first.

Amer fort history

The fort continued to expand for one and a half years until Sawai Jai Singh II shifted his capital to Jaipur in 1727 AD.

Amer Fort History or Amber fort Structure

Surajpol is the main door to enter this fort because I had come to this fort by car, so I entered this fort from the Chandpol door. This fort is made in many parts. When entering from the Chandpol door.

Amer fort history

Then the first part of this fort is Jaleb. In the olden times, this portion was used by the soldiers and people working in the fort, Today there is a ticket counter here, The Entry ticket is to be taken from here.

Amer Fort History – Diwane Aam

After taking the entry ticket, we have to go upside towards the second part of the fort. On entering, this part of the fort is called Diwane Aam. Basically, this is a court or Darbar.

Amer Fort

The public used to come here with his plea, The king has to resolve all concerns and problems of the public. The Diwane Aam architecture is awesome, and it is standing on 24 pillars. The shape of the elephant is made on the top of each pillar

Amer Fort History Ganesh Darwaza

amer fort history
amer fort history

Ganesh Darwaza is one of the most beautiful doors in front of Diwane Aam. It is a three-story door. There are many windows above the Ganesh Darwaza. From the windows of the Ganesh Darwaza, the queens of the royal family used to see the activities that happened in Diwane Aam.

amer fort history

On the other side of the Ganesh Darwaza, the interior part of the palace where the royal family lived. The public was not allowed to enter this part of the fort.

Sukh Niwas

amer fort history

This portion of the fort is awesome, with marvelous engineering and architectural design. There is a Sheesh Mahal on one side and a Mughal-style garden. The other side of the Mughal garden is Sukh Niwas. Inside Sukh Niwas, natural arrangements have been made to keep the palace temperature low during summer.

amer fort history

The water keeps falling continuously on marble windows and the hot air coming from outside the palace passes through the windows. The hot air becomes cool when it comes in contact with water drop, consequently reduce the temperature and cool the palace. The water falling on windows used to flow in the garden by the water channel.

Sheesh Mahal

amer fort history

Sheesh Mahal is the most beautiful part of this palace. Its walls and inner ceilings are covered with large and small mirrors, the glass is of convex shape and color has been put on the backside of the mirror. This mirror mahal makes the palace very beautiful.

amer fort history

The inner ceiling of the palace has been installed in such a way that the candlelight in the night looks like stars in the inner ceiling.  


amer fort history

This is the oldest part of the palace, which was built by King Mansingh. Raja Mansingh had 12 queens and he made separate rooms for each queen. The structure of this palace is such that when the king used to visit anyone queen, the other queen cannot notice this.  

amer fort history

There is a Baradari pavilion in the middle of the court where the king used to meet the queen. In this palace, many more rooms were built, which are quite intricately connected to the rest of the rooms.

amer fort history

This Amer fort has many more features and needs to be added.

Timing – 9.00 am to 5.30 pm

Ticket – Adult 100 Rs

Amer Vlog

Amer Fort Images

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Frequently Ask Question

Who is the founder of Amer fort?

The founder of Amer fort is Raja Alan Singh of the Chanda Dynasty. Fort was built in 967 AD.

Who was the ruler of Amer?

Swai Jaisingh 2 was the ruler of the Amer fort.

Amer fort history is developed in the glorious era of India.

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