pawna lake

Pawna Lake Camping Lohgad Boat Club Attraction all you need to know in 2021

Pawna Lake

pawna lake

As a traveler, I always love to travel to places that I can as soon as possible. So while it was raining in Pune and the monsoon is at its best, I searched my list of places I had to go and found out Pawna Lake. Yes, Pawna Lake, also known as Pawna Dam Reservoir has its main purpose of electricity generation and water storage is also increasing in terms of tourist attractions as been surrounded by Major tourist places like Tikona fort , Lohagarh and Tung fort.

Pawna dam

So traveling to Pawna lake is a wonderful weekend-type picnic trip for anyone who’s tried their repetitive schedule and hangs out a bit close to the city, being just an hour’s drive of 50 km into nature’s beauty and relaxing environment.

Pawna lake

 I reached Pawna very smoothly as I left early morning. We parked our vehicle on a little roadside as it’s not allowed on the dam. The Pawna Dam looked amazing, holding a lot of water in it as of monsoons. We just glanced at the dam for some time and clicked photos by the side of the Dam, it was a wondering sight.

pawna lake

lohagarh boating club

lohgad boat club

Going ahead we found the lohagarh boating club residing on the banks of Pawna lake. It’s the best club type of thing to see and enjoy the Pawna lake. As we entered it, we had parking on the left for the vehicles. It had an entry fee of 50 rs per person, which can be used as a good discount voucher ahead if you like to have a meal in their restaurant.

pawna lake

So walking downwards from the entry towards the lake we have our surroundings covered with grass, bushes, and benches of the natural wood type which were neat and clean. To our left was a little zoo, kinda theme of the club which had rabbits in it.

pawna lake

We reached the restaurant down but decided to visit the lake first and then have some food. As we reached close, the lake’s view took my breath off for a sec, it was so blissful just to stand near it and watch the little waves of it come towards you. There we activities like boating and horse riding down there. Its cost was 200 Rs per head.

lohgad boat club

We decided to hop into a motorboat and enjoy the lake by going inside it for an amazing ride. It was just 5 min of the fast ride which took us to a couple of rounds inside the lake, but it took the experience of our trip to a different level.

Lohgad boat club

The boat ride made us feel a part of the lake for once, and it’s recommended to do it. After the ride, we were very hungry, so we decided to rush to the lake view restaurant that we left from the start.

pawna lake

Sitting in the restaurant is open type i.e the restaurant doesn’t have walls or A.c covered cause the owner wants the visitors to enjoy the beauty around them evening while having meals taking their experience to a different level. We ordered some parathas and tea for us. Having our lunch with the lake view by side of it just made my day to its best.

lohgad boat club

The pricing of the restaurant is a little expensive of course because of the view, but the food they serve for that is also good. So if you want to, you can enjoy your meals here. Now it was time to say goodbye to Pawna lake and dam as we had to reach home early. I would say Pawna Lake is a good picnic trip for anyone who wants a holiday but not so long just a day trip would work, then this is the one.

pawna lake

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