palase waterfall

Palase Waterfall Awesome & Safe Waterfall in Tamhini Ghat Must Visit in 2022

Palase Waterfall

palase waterfall

Palase waterfall is one of the famous waterfall in tamhini ghat for one day trip. Not only this, just above the Main Palase water stream there are many hidden waterfalls two of them are fully accessible.

palase waterfall

I had planned one day trip near Pune and started my journey sharp 7.00 am from Pune city. The weather forecast was completely rainy. Palase waterfall Approx. 50 km from Pune City. it takes time around 1.5 hrs. The route is Pirangut-Paud-Mulshi & Palase Waterfall.

tamhini ghat waterfall

The hill starts from Bhugaon itself but after crossing Pirangut you can view mesmerizing nature on both sides of the road.

tamhini ghat waterfall

Palase waterfall is very close to the road. A lot of small tea stalls are there. The bhutta and Maggie is more popular. Just 2 to 3 hundred meters away the main water stream looks so amazing.  The water pressure was huge and not recommended to go in the middle during heavy rainfall. This is an almost safe waterfall and can be enjoyed with the family. I enjoyed a lot and capture the scenic beauty.

palase waterfall

After that I was eager to go upside of this waterfall as there are two more waterfalls where people don’t go usually. I visited this place 5 years back and a lot of changes were there. Now there is a cemented pathway to go up to the new restaurant, which is currently under construction.

palase waterfall

Just 300 to 400 steps on this upside cemented road there is a small path to reach the plain ground where I saw many waterfall streams falling down the hill and get a full view of the Mulshi Dam.

palase waterfall

And the trek to the second waterfall was beautiful, I saw three water streams flowing and merging into one stream. After crossing one big stream, we trekked a narrow passage along the water stream. The waterfall was visible now I have decided to reach the waterfall through the water stream.

palase waterfall

Decided then walking in a stream for a few minutes we finally reached the second waterfall, it was the most beautiful of all the three falls I visited. By seeing the view I would like to say tamhini ghat is heaven in monsoon.

palase waterfall

 One can jump from the stone coz there is much room for a person to jump and enjoy. A lot of fun and spending some time deciding to catch the third waterfall.

palase waterfall

From there I started trekking to the third waterfall the way was trickier, or I can say the hardest of all the three, there were slippery rocks and the legs were going deep into the pits. But once I reached there I felt that the struggle worth it. The path was so slippery I slipped two times.

After covering all three waterfalls I started my journey to the Tamhini village, the rain was on its peak, so I am excited to see more waterfalls.

Palase waterfall Vlog

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