kasarsai dam

Kasarsai Dam Pune Kasarsai Lake Boating Attraction & Review in 2021

Kasarsai Dam

kasarsai dam

The Kasarsai dam is a small dam built on a Kasarsai lake just near the Pune. The Kasarsai dam is very close to Kasarsai Village and on another side of the Dam, there is Kusgaon village. The Kasarsai lake is a hidden beauty that is surrounded by lush green areas and hills. The distance of Kasarsai Dam from Hinjewadi is 10 km.

kasarsai dam

This place is becoming quite popular for adventure lovers, many cyclists come here in the morning. You can view Kasarsai lake from different points but for boating, there is a dedicated place near K Rocks resort. In front of K rock resort, there is parking that is absolutely free. Here is the entry gate for the Balaji Boating club. There is a huge platform in the center of the lake for fisheries.

kasarsai dam

Kasarsai lake boating

kasarsai dam

When I went to K Rock Resort, it was undergoing renovation work. The main attraction of Kasarsai Lake is the boating. The Balaji boating club has an engine boat and pedal boats. The engine boat’s capacity is 8-10 people. Apart from this, the pedal can be run by 2 or 4 people.

kasarsai dam

It is a very thrilling experience to go to the lake, the view of the dam from inside the lake and the view of Kasarsai Lake is very picturesque.

kasarsai dam

This place is also becoming very famous for camping. There is a bungee jumping near Kasarsai lake, but its service is currently closed. Nearby there is a small film studio where professionals use this studio for photographers, pre-wedding shooting, or web series.

kasarsai dam

A lot of restaurants are being built near Kasarsai lake.

Kasarsai Dam Boating Charges

Engine Boat – 100 Rs per person capacity 8-10 person

Pedal Boat – 300 Rs for 20-minute Capacity 4 person

 It seems that a lot of crowds are going to come here in the coming time. If you can spend a full day then just near to Kamshet the Pawana Dam can be visited which can be one of the best experiences for a lakeside view.

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Kasarsai Dam Vlog

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Where is Kasarsai dam?

Kasarsaidam is situated near Hinjewadi in Pune. It is only 10 km from Hinjewadi.

Is Kasarsai dam safe?

Kasarsai dam seems safe. It is a small dam on Kasarsai lake and boating is safe.

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Mam chand
Mam chand
2 years ago

beautiful place and lot of enjoy.

2 years ago

very nice lake

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