Ghoradeshwar trek Ghoradeshwar hill

Ghoradeshwar trek and Ghoradeshwar temple Best place near Pune Trekking to the highest point of Ghoradeshwar Hill in 2021

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Ghoradeshwar Trek

Today I was ready at 6:00 am because I had to go on a very beautiful hill for trekking.  The name of this place was Ghoradeshwar hill. In fact, the Ghoradeshwar trek is quite famous for daily trekking lovers. The Ghoradeshwar is around 25 km from Pune on Old Pune – Mumbai Highway. When I reached Ghoradeshwar, there were many trekkers. I had visited this place earlier. But Today I have determined the goal, that I had to go to the highest peak of Ghoradeshwar. That was the fun for the Ghoradeshwar trek.

Ghoradeshwar trek

Ghoradeshwar Temple history

Apart from Ghoradeshwar Trek, Ghoradeshwar Hill is famous for the ancient temple of Lord Shiva and Buddhist caves. There are two temples of Lord Shiva. I was very excited about this trekking and felt very thrilled. There are more than 350 steps to go to Ghoradeshwar. Before the start of the steps, an idol of Lord Shiva’s Nandi and the tortoise is kept in a portico.

Ghoradeshwar trek

Ghoradeshwar trek

Ghoradeshwar trek

I had just started the Ghoradeshwar Trek, the stairs of the track are very wide and there are slabs on both sides of the stairs. Some people were sitting and some were doing exercises, now I have completed half the part of the hill. This part of the hill is fairly plain, from here the statue of Birla Ganpati Ji is visible as well as a very beautiful view of Old Mumbai Pune Highway can be seen. The surrounding hills are also visible from this point.

Ghoradeshwar trek

Now I moved further to reach the top. After going up a little. The stairs were less wide than before. I was slowly moving upwards. After about 5-6 minutes, I reached Lord Shiva temple. From here we can see a beautiful view behind Ghoradeswar Hill.

Ghoradeshwar trek

The Mumbai Pune Expressway and Gahunje Cricket Stadium look very beautiful from this point. Buddhist vacant caves are situated before and after Shiv temple.  There were small water reservoirs. The rainwater is stored in these reservoir naturally.

Lord Shiva’s temple closed at this time. But I did darshan of Lord Shiva from the grill.  I took a photo here. Now I moved further to go to the highest peak of Ghoradeshwar Hill. As I was moving forward the track was getting a bit difficult and finally had to climb a straight hill. I climb this part of the hill very carefully. I was climbing by upholding the stones. Here I would like to tell you that if you are coming with family and children, then you should not use this trek because from here a little carelessness the climber may fall into the ditch.

Ghoradeshwar trek

As soon as I reached the above part, there was an ancient temple of Lord Shiva and a small temple of Ganapati Maharaja. It was also built in front of the temple. I did darshan of Lord Shiva from the grill. This ancient temple door was also closed like the first shiv temple. I was happy about capturing the images.

After seeing Lord Shiva temple, Now I wanted to go to the highest peak of Ghoradeswar. I was going forward now, After about 50 meters it was a straight path.

Ghoradeshwar hill highest point

Now Ghoradeshwar trek journey, I was very close to my destination and I could see a flag at a height of approx 20-25 meters.  Now I wanted to reach near that flag very quickly.  I started climbing again and reached the top near this flag.  I have found a pond over there, A path was also made to walk around it. It seems that it has been built to collect rainwater. At this height, another flag was seen about 200-300 meters away. It seems that it was the highest point of Ghoradeshwar Hill.

Now I walked towards it. After walking for two to three minutes I was standing near the flag.  I was feeling very happy that I was at the highest peak of Ghoradeshwar Hill. Ghoradeshwar trekking was a very memorable experience for me.

Ghoradeshwar trek & Ghoradeshwar hill Images

Ghoradeshwar Address

Ghoradeshwar Hindu temple in Talegaon Dabhade Road, Maharashtra 25 km from Pune on old Pune- Mumbai highway, Before somatane Phata

Ghoradeshwar Timing

Timing – It can be visited any time, but preferable timing is in the morning or in the evening.

Ghoradeshwar entry fees

No entry fees for this religious place or hill trekking. Vehicle parking charges is 20 Rs.

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Frequently Ask Question

Ghoradeshwar Wikipedia

Visit this link to know more about history of temples and Caves

Ghoradeshwar Temple history

In ancient times when Buddhists were eliminated from this region than these caves are vacant and occupied by Hindus. They had established Shiva ling for preventing any disaster in this area.

Ghoradeshwar distance from Pune

Ghoradeshwar distance is 28 km from Pune. It is situated in Talegaon Dabhade Road, Maharashtra on the old Pune- Mumbai highway, Before somatane Phata.

How to reach Ghoradeshwar

Ghoradeshwar can be reached by taxi and some local buses are available from Pune. It can be reached by local train. The nearest station is Begedewadi which just only 400 to 500 meters away from Ghoradeshwar hill.

Ghoradeshwar caves Pune

Ghoradeshwar caves are known as Ghorawadi caves or Shellarwadi caves. These are ancient Buddhist caves. There are nine caves for meditation adjoining the chaitya griha. The chaitya griha is now known as the Ghoradeshwar temple.

Ghoradeshwar height

Ghoradeshwar height about 790 meters from sea level.

Is Ghoradeshwar open?

Ghoredeshwar temple is closed. But people can go there. Trekking can be done now. It seems it will reopen after 15th June 2021.

How many steps are there in Ghoredshwar Temple?

There are approx 350 – 400 steps to reach Ghoradeshwar Temple. Apart from the steps, some straight path is there. It takes around 30-45 minutes to reach Ghoradeshwar Temple.

Famous places near Ghoradeshwar

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Mam chand
Mam chand
2 years ago

A very Beautiful Place for morning treking

Hemant kaushik
Hemant kaushik
2 years ago

Thanks for sharing this information..could you please help me to know can I book Uber to go there also in return will I get any Auto or can book Uber? I want to visit that place with family and don’t own any vehicle.

Hemant kaushik
Hemant kaushik
2 years ago
Reply to  Travfoodie

Thanks for responding, I live in Hinjewadi(Pune). I have already visited this place last week by booking a private cab.

2 years ago

This is absolutely nice hill as well as trekking experience. It is worth to visit either in morning or in evening

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