nilkantheshwar temple pune

Nilkantheshwar Temple Pune History, Timing, Entry Ticket 2021 Massive 1200 Murtis in the temple

Nilkantheshwar Temple Pune

Nilkantheshwar Temple Pune – Lonavala, Tamhini ghat, Panshet, and Lavasha are just like a paradise in the monsoon.  Today I am going to visit a very beautiful religious place in this paradise and the name of this place is Nilkantheshwar Temple Pune. This temple is 30 kilometers away from Pune.

nilkantheshwar temple pune

About Nilkantheshwar Temple Pune

nilkantheshwar temple pune

There is a 1 km hill trek from the Nilkantheshwar temple parking area. It takes at least 40-60 min to reach the top. There are two huge idols at the main entry. As well as one big idol of Lord Bajrang Bali in a lying position.  Going further, there is a very large shaded area. There are a lot of idols, related to Mahabharata and Gurus.  The Nilkantheshwar restaurant is also there to get some refreshments like Tea and snack.

nilkantheshwar temple pune

Before going to the main temple, there is a big statue of Lord Shiva and a small pond in front of the statue.  There are idols of Ashta Ganapati alongside of Shiva statue. On the other side of this small pond, there are statues of some gurus.

nilkantheshwar temple pune

The main temple is spread over a large area. When entered, there is a large hall. Here the idols of Lords and Gurus are kept together in a series. Then adjacent to it is one more hall in which the main Shivling Mandir is there. There is Yatri Nivas in front of the main Mandir is a pilgrimage residence where visitors can stay overnight.

nilkantheshwar temple pune

After coming out of this temple, another path leads to a large open area where many idols of gods have been made. All the idols are based on Ramayana Mahabharata. There are also many idols of sages and gods. There are more than 1200 idols made in this whole temple. Every year, painting work to be done to maintain these idols. These idols look very lively and very beautiful.

nilkantheshwar temple pune

History of Nilkantheshwar Temple Pune

Nilkantheshwar Temple Pune was built by Sarje Mama. Sarje Mama was a forest officer and one day during his routine round, he came near this mountain and fell asleep. In his dream, Lord Shiva called him and asked for water. Sarje Mama checked this place and found Shivling.

Sarje Mama sold out his own gold and silver to build a temple. Because of the inherent power of this temple. He started eradicating the evils of society. A drug de-addiction center was set up here. From this de-addiction center, millions of people were freed from addiction.

It takes you 1 to 2 hours to see this whole temple. This place is religious as well as great for sightseeing. From here you can see a beautiful view of Panshet Dam.

nilkantheshwar temple pune

How to reach Nilkantheshwar Temple

To reach Nilkantheshwar one has to go from Khadakwasla to Katawadi (approx 20 km).

nilkantheshwar temple pune

After crossing the river, take a left turn to Nilkantheshwar hill and drive 8 km. Now further 2 km drive on the hill to reach the base of Nilkantheshwar mandir.

nilkantheshwar temple pune

Nilkantheshwar Temple best time to visit

The Nilkantheshwar temple can be visited any time, but in monsoon or post-monsoon it looks awesome. So the best time to visit this place is in July and October.

nilkantheshwar temple pune

Entry fees

Vehicle parking fees – 20 Rs at the base location

Nilkantheshwar Temple distance

It is 30 km from Pune

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