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Science City Ahmedabad perfect place for an evening Reviews & Timing

Science City Ahmedabad

Gujrat Science city is a very popular place in Ahmedabad. It is located in the Hebatpur. The science city is a must-visit place in Ahmedabad. It includes a number of attraction points related to science or nature.

Science City Ahmedabad

At the entrance, there is a map indicating the attraction spots. There were scientists and their information written on the boards. The first place which I visited was the Imax 3d theatre. This theatre has a number of movies related to nature and science. There are extra charges to visit this theatre that is, 125 rs per person.  

Science City Ahmedabad

The next destination where I jumped was Planet Earth Pavilion which has a dome-like structure. This place tells as about natural disasters and the life on planet earth. The pavilion has three floors which explain the structure and occurrence of natural disasters like tsunami, earthquake, floods, drought, etc. The remaining floors tell us about the animals, birds, and types of fishes present on earth. It also includes the endangered and non-existent animal’s dummy.  The pavilion also includes 4d theatre which had movies about disasters.

Science City Ahmedabad

The hall of space was an excellent spot to know more about space-related information. The hall contains information about all the space missions, Indian astronauts, galaxy, stars, planets, and the work done by great scientists. Then we went to the life science park which includes a lot of things to visit that include Cretaceous Park, Aviary Corner & Nonflying Bird Corner, Cactus Corner & Succulent Corner, Aromatic & Medicinal Plant Beds, Tissue culture Lab, and Butterfly Park. If you are planning to visit Ahmedabad then you should visit a science city for sure. A Science city must be visited by students as it contains a lot of knowledgeable things and information about earth. Science City Ahmedabad can be planned for spending one evening.

Timing :

10 am-8 pm ( open all day)

Entry fee

for adults -20 rs, for Childeren -10 rs

Mode of transport

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