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Shaniwar Wada Pune History Timing Entry Ticket in 2021 Great Bajirao Peshwas Residence

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Shaniwar Wada Pune

Shaniwar wada Pune is the most iconic fort in Pune. It is the biggest monument created by Peshwa in Pune. Now, this structure is a big tourist attraction in old Pune city. This fort is situated adjacent to the Mula Mutha River.

shaniwar wada pune

The Shaniwar Wada pune construction started on 10 Jan 1730. The Great Bajirao 1 laid the foundation of his residence on an auspicious day on Saturday, so it was named as Shaniwar Wada. The Shaniwar wada had been completed in 1732.  It was the big Fort and residence of the Peshwa in Pune during Maratha Empire.  The cost of construction of this fort was 16110 rs.

shaniwar wada pune

Shaniwar wada is the residence of Peshwa hence every Peshwa has its own palace inside the fort. Near the Ganesh arwaja, There is a small well. Near to this well, there was Nana Sahib palace.  Near to this, Amrit rao Peshwa palace was there. Raghunath Rao place was near to Hazari Karanje. In 1758 approx 1000 peoples was living in the Shaniwar Wada. 

History of Shaniwar Wada

One of the most popular story is that in 1773 Narayan Rao who was the current fifth ruling Peshwas, was murdered by his guards by the order of his Uncle Raghunath Rao and aunt Anandibai.  For saving his life, he was calling his uncle Raghunath Rao and saying Kaka Mala vachava. He was unaware about this that his uncle wanted to kill him.  It is believed that his soul still exist in this fort. Many people residing around the Shaniwar wada had listened cry sound and Kaka Mala vachawa voice from the Shaniwar wada.  The fort is one of the most haunted places in Pune.

shaniwar wada pune

In June 1818, Bajirao 2 was abdicated from the throne by the British East India company. He had been sent to Bithoor near Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh to live the rest of his life.

On 27th February 1828, a fire started inside this fort. This uncontrolled fire was continued for 7 days. The inside part of shaniwar wada was completely burnt, and only the base part was remaining.

shaniwar wada pune

Shaniwar wada Pune Structure

In the initial stage of construction,  Shaniwar Wada had been planned 7-story building to be built entirely by stone. But after the completion of the first story Satara peoples raise objections that the stone monument can be built only for Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj, not for Peshwas.  Thereafter, one letter was written to the Peshwas that the remaining building had to be made by the brick, not by the stone. So, the upper part of the Shaniwar Wada is made of brick.


shaniwar wada pune

Dilli Darwaza

The Dilli Darwaza is the main gate of the complex and faces towards the north.

Mastani Darwaja 

Mastani’s Gate or Aliibahadur Darwaja, facing north. This gate was used by Bajirao I’s wife Mastani while traveling out of the palace’s perimeter wall. She went out by this gate so this gate name was called Mastani Darwaja.

Khidki Darwaja (Window Gate)

The Khidki Darwaja is named for an armored window. It’s a small window in the main door for in and out of armors in the fort.

khidki darwaja shaniwar wada

Ganesh Darwaja

Facing south-east, Named for the Ganesh Rang Mahal, which used to stand near this door. It could be used by ladies at the fort to visit the nearby Kasba Ganapati temple

Ganesh Darwaja shaniwar wada

Narayan Darwaja

This gate was used by concubines to enter and leave the fort. It faces towards the south. It obtained its second name after Narayanrao Peshwa’s corpse was removed from the fort for cremation through this gate.

narayan darwaja shaniwar wada

Hazari Karanje – Shaniwar wada Pune

This had an impressive lotus-shaped fountain it had almost a thousand jets so-called Hazari Karanje. It was constructed to delight infant Peshwa Sawai Madhavrao. It was the most complicated and intricate fountain of its time.

shaniwar wada pune

How To reach

It is in the heart of Pune Just 2 km from Pune station.

Entry Ticket

Entry ticket – 25 Rs


9.30 am to 5.30 pm

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Frequently ask question?

Why was Shaniwar Wada burnt?

No body knows exact cause.

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