Nainital – The land of Lake

About Nainital

Nainital is a very popular hill station in India. It is situated at a height of 2080 meters from sea level. It is 300 km away from Delhi. Earlier time the Nainital was the summer capital of India during British Rule.

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It is one of the famous tourist destinations in India in summer as well as in winter. It has a big eye-shaped lake in the center of the city and surrounded by mountains. The Nainital is a combination of two words Naina’ means eyes and ‘Tal’ means lake. You can magnificent view of Naina Lake. It is freshwater body and filled by 26 drains. The depth of the lake is 27 meter approx.

My Experience

I have visited this place in September month that was my first visit and planned for one day only. I have taken a taxi from Rudranahar. It was plain driving for 20 km till Haldwani and Kathgodam. From Kathgodam the hill started and as you ZIG ZAG driving which actually I don’t like. It takes around 1 hr drive to reach Nainital. When I saw Nainital I forget all the pain of my zig-zag traveling.

Wow-what a scene of Nainital. It really magnificent view.

We have started exploring in and around Naini lake. The Nainital is also linked to the Goddess Nain Devi. It is holy place for Hindu pilgrimage. First of all, I have decided to go to the holy temple. It is cool and calm area and I sit there and spend some time. There is big size Ghanta and rang it before entry inside the core temple. After seeing we went for boat riding in Naini lake. Itna to banta hai to feel good and touching the Naini lake. Thereafter we had taken lunch.

Nainital  upper view

Almost we spent more time and not it is 4.00 clock evening then I decide to go back to Haldwani in sunlight only. The whole day trip was fantastic and memorable.


Nainital having pleasant weather throughout the year except for the winter months. The temperature is mild at any time but in winter it becomes very cold. The best time to visit the place is between April to June and then again in September and October. The months of January to March are marked by snowfall.

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Season: Mar – Jun
Weather: Summer 15 to 30°C,
Winter: 0 to 24°C
Altitude: 2084 m

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