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New lucky Tea stall Ahmedabad | a cafe on Kabristan

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History of lucky tea stall and restaurant

It is one of the unique restaurants in Ahmadabad India. Where the living come to dine amongst the dead. There are 12 grave inside the restaurant. It is the oldest tea stall in Ahmedabad and almost more than 50 years old. This restaurant started as a small tea stall later on it become famous. The grave was lucky to the owner, then he renamed it a Lucky tea stall. It is something weird when you are sitting with the grave and simultaneously you are taking tea or meal.

Waiter experience

I did a small chat with the waiter like how he felt when he comes to this restaurant for work. He told me his experience about the kabars that whenever his foot touch the kabars then he felt leg pains in the evening. The pain becomes so high that he can’t come for work at least three days.

Waiters here decorate these graves every day with fresh flowers after cleaning them and pay their respects. They believe that respecting is extremely important and so they do whatever it takes to preserve these graves.

Lucky Tea stall kabars

Famous for MF Hussain painting

This place is also known for MF Hussain ( Famous Artist) story who made a painting here while taking the tea and he has gifted that painting to the restaurant owner. The painting is still hanging on the wall. Few people say the lucky tea stall owner and M F Hussain both are good friends.

MF Hussain painting lucky tea stall

Lucky Tea stall menu & Maska Bun

I have seen many types of the restaurant but this is different because it creates a feeling that you are dining with the dead. Lots of kabars in front of you then how you can eat it? But peoples are coming here regularly and taking breakfast, tea and lunch without any fear. This restaurant has a variety of tea. You can take regular masala tea with maska bun. you can also take breakfast and lunch here. Taste is above the average.

Lucky Tea stall menu

Location of this restaurant

Lucky tea restaurant is located near siddhi Sayyad mosque and in front of Aghashiya house in Old Ahmedabad city. The popularity of this restaurant is as well known as the heritage of Ahmedabad because of the oldest tea stall.

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If you are travelers and foodies then make sure to pay a visit to this unique restaurant in Ahmedabad.

Lucky tea stall ahmedabad

If are visiting this place by your own car then parking is the main issue. if you find any place in the adjacent road then you can park your vehicle at some risk. The traffic police regularly visit this place. I recommend you that you have to use your two-wheeler or a means of public transport.

Get direction to reach Lucky tea Stall

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