Sant Gyaneshwar

Sant Gyaneshwar Alandi Temple Must Know About Sant Gyaneshwar Maharaj in 2021

Sant Gyaneshwar Alandi Temple

Sant Gyaneshwar

Sant Gyaneshwar – Alandi is well known for Sant Gyanenshwar Maharaj Sanjivan Samadhi temple. It is a major pilgrimage place near Pune. Millions of devotees visit this place every year. Every month on the day of Ekadashi more than 50,000 Varkari pilgrims here.

Sant Gyaneshwar

Sant Gyaneshwar Maharaj was born on the Ashtami of Krishna Paksha in 1275 AD. His birthplace name was Ape gaon situated on the bank of Godavari river at Paithan, in Aurangabad district in Maharashtra. His father’s name was Vitthal Pant and his mother’s name was Rukmani Bai.

Sant Gyaneshwar

His Father Vitthal Pant was a Sanskrit scholar and extremely religious. He had always yearned to take Sanyas for self-realization but was obliged to marry Rukmini Bai, daughter of Sridhar Panth of Alandi. After the marriage, Vitthal pant had taken sanyas but when his guru came to know that Vitthal Pant married and had left the home, the guru ordered him to go back to the home. Vitthal Pant to return to Grihastha Ashram and to live a family life with his wife.

Sant Gyaneshwar

A Sanyasi returning to Grihastha Ashram was unheard of and unacceptable to the society. The Brahmans community put restrictions and boycotted them from their society After Marriage he had three sons named Nivruttinath, Gyandev and Sopan and a daughter named Muktabai. Due to the birth of these children after re-entering in Grihastha ashram they had to bear the derogatory term ‘children of sannyasi’.

Sant Gyaneshwar

For their atonement, Vitthal Pant and Rukmini Bai gave up their lives in the river Indrayani. Without their parents, they had to live a harsh life. These four had one day gone to Paithan for their corrigendum, Gyandev had recited the Vedas from the mouth of a buffalo in front of the brahmins who were ridiculing them. Apart from this, they had to go for the welcome of 1400-year-old ascetic guru Changdev, at that time they were sitting on the wall, he took the same wall and reached to welcome the said saint.

Sant Gyaneshwar

During This time almost all literature and (Holy books) Grantha were in Sanskrit language and the public did not know much about the Sanskrit language, At the age of 15, Gyaneshwar wrote the essence of Gita in the Marathi language called Dnyaneshwari, He had written another book named ‘Amritanubhav’. He had also written a letter in Changdev Pasthi.

Sant Gyaneshwar

After that Gyandev, decided to take a sanjivan samadhi in Alandi village near the Indrayani river. At the young age of just 21, he had left this mortal world and became Samadhi. Now it is a famous pilgrimage place near Pune for Sant Gyaneshwar Maharaj.

Alandi Temple

Alandi is a major religious place. Many more Big and small temples are there in Alandi. The famous temples are Sant Dyanenwar Samadhi Shathal and are often known as Alandi Temple.

The other famous temple in Alandi are Gajanan Maharaj mandir, Gyaneswar mandir and Jalaram Mandir.

How To reach

Alandi is just 25 km away from Pune. Ola and Uber Taxi can be hired to reach Alandi. The nearest railway station is Pune Junction. It is easily connected by Local buses from Pune station. The local buses are frequently available, Pune to Alandi.

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